5 Amazing Benefits Of Prayer; Reasons Of Daily Praying

 What Is Prayer? 

Prayer in simple terms is an address to God either in the form of words or in the form of requesting for help or expressing thanks to God.

 5 Amazing Benefits Of Praying

Prayer gives you strong positive feelings-gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, hope all that is associated with healing and wellness. Generally, everyone pray to a high power- that is Almighty God. Prayer builds strong relationship with the God in the right manner that cultivates an attitude of humanity and acceptance.

Reasons Of Praying Everyday

  • Improves Emotional health
  • Increases empathy
  • Reduces stress
  • Builds relationship
  • Spiritual Exercise
  • Provides the understanding of purpose of life
  • Establishment of healing power
  • Inviting holy spirit into one's life

Some believe prayer is a way of life- where in it helps to find direction in one's life Some of them feels prayer - a mysterious and complicated feeling. However, prayer has wonderful benefits - Emotional, Mental Health, Spiritual benefits:

5 Amazing Benefits Of Praying

1. Develops a relationship with God and get closure to God

Just like our parents, God too wants to interact with you and so when you pray, he listens and answers ( either in the form of negative or positive response) you in the form spiritual feelings, actions of other people and sometimes in the form of spiritual feelings, actions of other people and sometimes in the form of thoughts or instincts. Its a communication to know him better. Knowingly or Unknowingly, if anything wrong might have happened, we can ask for forgiveness and wholeness. Thus, we may able to gain insight and sense of direction of life.

2. Reduces Anxiety And Makes You Calm

Through prayer the person is free from anxiety in such a manner that he develops better understanding and calms his heart, body and mind. Everyone is worried nowadays in one or the other way, might turn into anxiety and increases stress level. Through prayer, the person can turn warriors from worriers. Initial level of stress of the situation is reduced. The person feels so calm by prayer that he relieves all his problems/worries in God's Hand.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Praying

3. Prayer gives you strength to avoid temptation.

Through prayer, can overcome our all temptations turn into sin. Prayer helps to differentiate between wrong and right decisions. It allows to align our heart with God's will. God provide us desire to make you feel comfortable and be at peace. We can cast our cares through prayer. While Prayer, listening to God's voice will guide us in life.

4. Gain More Confidence Through Prayer.

Prayer is a meditation of heart to gain grace and truth. When connected to father we become confident to face anything in the world. It gives us hope and expectation that will never be disappointing. Shifts our focus on better things and move to the right path.

5. Prayer makes you healthy 

Prayer makes your body healthier and has ability to transform and renew our spirits. Prayer improves neurological and cardiovascular health. Prayer puts us in a state of peace and rest, changes our emotions, moods and thus promote healthy changes in the body. By restoring our spirit, it charges our spiritual feelings and ease our problems.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Prayer

Benefits of Prayer's list Goes on: 
Here is the recap of top benefits of Prayer:

  • Develops and strengthen our relationship with God.
  • Gives us better direction of life.
  • Gain more confidence
  • Reduces Anxiety.
  • Gives us Hope
  • Avoids temptation with the power of Prayer.
  • Helps us understand God's will.
  • Improves Attitude and increases lifespan. 
  • Makes you feel better sense of self.
  • Through prayer and fasting we can accept God's will.
Last but not the least and most important:

"Miracles Can Happen Through Prayer And Faith"
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