27 Amazing Tips To Maintain A Good Health

Who doesn't want to stay healthy at any age? Of course everyone and thus everyone becomes aware take utmost care of their body and health.
Maintain A Good Health 

Here is the best tips maintain a good health:

(1) Getting up before sunrise.

(2) Do any kind of exercise and take food. Or four-five km. Walking, gym and swimming. Vs. Do yoga.

(3) Do not eat anything in the morning if possible, but eat at 12 o'clock.

(4) Do not sleep at all after taking food during the day. It is quite possible to cause kapha, pitta and acidity.

(6) Sleep eight-ten hours at night and sleep between 10-11 at night.

(5) Sleeping during the day will not lead to early sleep at night and will be exposed.

(7) Bathing with warm water after oil massage during winter.

(8) Massaging the head with oil every morning. Do not bleach the hair completely.

 (9) Washing feet with cold water at night.
Maintain A Good Health 
(10) Always take hot breakfast.

(11) Eat little less than hunger.

(12) Do not drink water at night.

(13) Drink as much water as possible during the day.

(14) Eat fruits or drink fruit juice if you feel like having breakfast in the morning.

(15) Do not expose till late night under any circumstances.

(16) A person going to night shift (night job) must take six-seven hours of sleep during the day.

(17) A person who has overworked himself, dates while sleeping at night,

(18) If you have to go to a natural destination, go immediately without wasting time.

(19) To require fasting for one week.

(20) Drink lukewarm water whenever you feel thirsty. Do not use freezer cold or ice water at all.
Maintain A Good Health 

(21) People with bilious nature should not eat excessively pungent, sour, salty or oily substances. Almonds, Raisins, Sugar, Ghee.

(22) Take approximately one to one and a half teaspoons of castor oil once a week.

(23) Giving up addictions.

(24) Not exercising excessively.

(25) To give up non-vegetarian food. A person with a weak (weak) body can take butter, ghee, milk, coconut, sesame in food.

(26) Use only cotton cloth as clothing.

(27) Take plain water enema every month.

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