Amazing Benefits Of Gopichandan- A Holy Medicine

Some uses it as worship or some uses it as a beauty product, but mostly there is gopichandan in every house and religious people use it specially. Why? Tilak happens without Gopichandan? 


Gopichandan is a type of special clay.
Amazing Benefits Of Gopichandan- A Holy Medicine

Various legends are associated with it. It is said that near Dwarka there is a pond named Gopi and the soil of this pond is Gopichandan. It is believed that the Gopis bathed in this lake along with Lord Krishna and hence the sandalwood fragrance in this soil, which is still intact. 


Some people also believe that this clay comes from Vrindavan. Place next to loquaykas, there is a special type of clay - aromatic clay. It is called Gopi-Chandan because of its cooling and fragrance like Sandalwood Sarve Sant Vaidh Nisha. 


There is also a special scientific reason why it is used in religious tilak. Tilak is applied in 12 parts on the body. Most of these locations are where our chakras are located. Where we apply tilak on the head is the place of Ajnachakra. It is described in the scriptures that this is the place where 52 our nadis meet and the science of Ayurveda also says the same.
Amazing Benefits Of Gopichandan- A Holy Medicine


Tilak of Gopichandan focuses our energy and mind or one uses it as a beauty product. 


It is said that by applying Tilak, the body becomes a temple. 


Tilak of gopichandan gives sattvic qualities to the mind. Tilak has special importance in every place.


Generally speaking, gopichandan is cooling. That is why it is specially used in heat. It has properties similar to sandalwood, but is more accessible than sandalwood.


If the head is aching due to heat, applying sandalwood gives relief. Many people complain of headache with vomiting due to acidity in heat. Even in those two situations, applying Gopichandan on the head gives relief from headache. A special paste of gopichandan is also useful for people suffering from migraines. 


Applying gopichandan paste on the head keeps the brain cool. Applying tilak of gopichandan on the scalp of children keeps the brain calm, increases concentration.
Amazing Benefits Of Gopichandan- A Holy Medicine 

Gopichandan is also very useful remedy for skin Healed Nashtha Takkar Fariya those two happens Due to acne, pimples, boils in summer.


Gopichandan can be applied on all these. Applying gopichandan on the pimples makes it disappear and does not leave a scar. Gopichandan powder can also be sprinkled on Alai. 


Gopichandan is especially useful for people who have oily skin. Applying it on the face removes excess oil from the skin and brings freshness to the skin, hence beauty Gopichandan is also used in cosmetics. 


Apart from this, it is especially useful for blisters. Due to heat, due to tight clothes, due to perspiration, there are complaints of shingles or 5 fungal infections in the joint parts which It causes a lot of itching and irritation. If this situation is to be avoided, then gopichandan should be used regularly. 


Its core powder can be sprinkled or even lapped. 


Gopichandan should be used in such areas as this problem is more common in the armpits, under the breast, in the groin areas. Some women experience severe burning sensation in the soles of their feet during menopause or due to hot flashes. 


Applying gopichandan paste on the soles of the feet provides cooling. 


Applying gopichandan on the head is also useful for people who are under a lot of stress and anger.


People who have sleepless nights in summer can benefit from applying Gopichandan on the soles of the feet and on the head. 


In summer, Gopichandan paste is also useful in fever caused by dry heat(LOO).


The incidence of bee stings also increases in summer. If the inflammation is due to bee sting, gopichandan can be applied. Gopichandan is a holy medicine to keep at home. It removes many minor problems easily.

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