Best Cold Cream To Be Used In Winter

Seeing various types of advertisements in the magazine, a question bothers every man that which cold cream is good for the skin?

Which cold cream should be used this winter?
Best Cold Cream To Be Used In Winter

Without getting bogged down by the plethora of advertisements, you should really use the cold cream that suits your skin.

Herbal creams containing aloe Vera are more affordable and effective as compared to the hyaluronic acid moisturizers available in the market.

Not only that, almond and sunflower oil are also cheaper and more effective.

In earlier times, to protect the skin from the cold air of winter, not the cold cream available in the market, but as a home remedy, coconut oil was used.

Petroleum jelly and glycerin cream are also considered good.

Cold creams usually contain mainly beauty oil and water. After applying the cold cream on the face, the water in it gets absorbed on the skin after a few minutes and the beauty oil cools the skin completely.

Cold creams are available in the market according to skin type. Before using any cream, pay special attention not only to its price, but also to the type of skin.

In olden days’ ghee and coconut oil were used as home remedies, not cold creams available in the market: without getting bogged down by the plethora of advertisements, you should really use the cold cream that suits your skin.

Women with face cream should sleep at night. So this alone is not enough.
Best Cold Cream To Be Used In Winter

However, by doing this, the skin feels smooth for a while in the morning, but the skin feels tight later, so women with this type of skin should use a special cream and if the skin remains chapped and raw after that, mix two drops of skin serum in a pinch of cold cream.              

One or two drops of almond oil can also be mixed in the cream and applied. Apply any cream within minutes it absorbs the moisturizer hence the oil base Sensitive Skin.

Those with more skin Those who are prone to breakouts should use an unscented cream.

In winter, oily skin feels rough and tight due to cold air. Those with such skin should use an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen. It contains mineral oil, so that the skin even after applying the cream Moisturizer remains beneficial. Add almonds, vegetable oil, milk, saffron and sour cream.

The cream and turmeric remove the roughness of the skin and the skin is also smoothed.

Use moisturizer cream, soap for body and foot face wash for face.

The cold cream can also be used as a cleanser by applying it to the face, neck and hands and then wiping it off with a damp washcloth to restore the dewy glow. In this way eye makeup can also be removed with the help of cold cream. Cheetah talk is deadly tea happy Hamel Bhatt Normal skin: Do not apply all-purpose cold cream.
Best Cold Cream To Be Used In Winter

Apply yogurt face pack. Use of cold cream containing rose or sandalwood essential oil is beneficial. Does not stick. Use herbal moisturizers with neem, turmeric, basil, orange, cucumber, papaya.

Using cold cream according to the skin type will remove acne and pimples on the face. No loss of skin.

Sakhi, in this cold winter, use a cold cream suitable for your skin, then your skin will be soft and gentle even in winter.

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