Benefits Of Physical Exercise. Types Of Exercises

The physical exertion done by the body, by which the body becomes in shape, strong, radiant, and also gets happiness, growth and lightness, stability comes in the body and the body becomes free from defects.

The physical, mental exertion that is done daily for the purpose of livelihood cannot be called exercise, because the body produced by such hard work cannot be happy, such a body is called a burden. Because the purpose of daily labor is to earn a living, but the exercise is not done for this purpose, like blacksmiths and laborers who work whole day to earn a living, but the purpose of their labor is not exercise.

In exercise, along with physical development, importance is given to mental development, whereas in hard work, the importance of completing the task is given. Not in the physical, mental state, this is the main difference between hard work and exercise.

Body Through exercise, the activity inside the body increases, which generates excitement and due to excitement, all the cells of the body get consciousness and start functioning smoothly. 

As the lungs take more and more oxygen from outside, they start purifying the impure blood of the body. Due to the rapid blood transport, the body's nerves and heart also become active at a faster pace, they are able to do their work smoothly.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, our food provides fuel to the engine of our body and exercise takes care of its parts by keeping them in proper condition. 

A habit of exercising should be made like eating every day. All living beings experience energy and freshness throughout their life by exercising daily in their own way. 

An infant also throws hands and feet while lying in the cradle, that is, exercises. Therefore, exercise should be done for life, only then health benefits can be achieved.

During and after exercise, the speed of our breathing increases, due to which we start breathing quickly.

Due to which the body gets more heat and strength. Because due to the acceleration of breathing due to exercise, the physical Substances burn in excess and produce heat, which is called energy, and the absence of heat in the body is called death.

Types of Exercises

There are many different methods of exercise that have different names. There are mainly two types of exercise – indigenous and foreign.

Some of these exercises are like

 (i) Some exercises are done with the help of instruments like dabble etc. and some exercises are done without instruments like Hand-sitting etc.

 (ii) In some exercise two persons like wrestling and in some exercise More than two persons are required like Kabaddi etc. 

(iii) Some exercises are done alone such as walking, swimming etc. and some exercises affect the particular organs such as exercises related to abdomen.

 (iv) Some heavy exercises which are harmful for children but are good for adults, such as exercises related to lifting heavy weights 

(v) Some exercises are done to remove uterine defects in women and Some have an effect on the whole. Like- Sarvangasana, punishment-meeting etc.

Due to the climatic and economic conditions of different countries, different types of exercise are prevalent in the world.

Due to Indian climate, diet and economic conditions etc., for us Indians, our indigenous exercise is sufficient, not foreign exercise. 

Indigenous exercises are as follows - bar - sitting, wiggling, playing, running, jogging, horse riding, dancing, swimming, working in the garden, singing etc.

Similarly, foreign exercises are as follows - Parallel Bars, Jijitsu, neck and chest exercises, heart, abdominal and liver exercises, chest and arms exercises, lumbar region exercises, back exercises etc. 

Regarding exercise, in the book 'Exercise in education and medicine', Mr. Tret McKenzie writes that if the exercise of any one part of the body goes for 5 minutes, then it benefits. But if the exercise is done for more than 5 minutes, then fatigue arises in that part, which he exercises.

At that time a type of acid (Sciolatic acid) is produced in that part of the body and causes tiredness. It is necessary to get this poison out of the body, otherwise it is necessary to exercise excess of this poison.

There are also many examples of the death of a person with rest, exercise and self-reliance when his heart stops beating. 

Therefore, exercise should be done according to the time and environment according to its ability, under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

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