Human Life changed a lot due to Corona Virus.

With this a lot of misinformation is spreading which becomes important to separate facts from fiction. 

People gets tensed with this information and stress out simply.

Would like to say the meaning of COVID 19; that is 

 CO= Corona; VI= Virus; D= Disease.
 19 because it was first found in 2019


Know The Facts

👉MYTH:  In Hot and Humid climates, there is no transmission of new Corona Virus, hot water shower helps to prevent Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: Transmission of Corona Virus is noticed in all areas regardless of Climatic Conditions. 
Body temperature remains 36.5 - 37 degree Celsius regardless of the temperature of hot water and hot shower. Even Hot shower is harmful and may burn you. Only washing hands frequently can prevent.

👉MYTH:  Cold Weather and snow kill the Corona Virus.

FACT:  The normal body temperature is around 36.5 to 37 degree Celsius regardless of  external temperature. Hence there is no reason to believe that cold and snow kills the Virus.

👉MYTH: Supplementing with Vitamin C and Lemon Juice will help not to catch Virus.

FACT: There is no evidence that Vitamin C Supplements will prevent from Corona Virus. Yes it can help to improve Immune System. 

👉MYTH: The New Corona Virus can be transmitted by Mosquito Bites.

FACT: Till date there is no evidence of corona virus transmission through mosquito. Corona Virus is a respiratory virus and it gets transmitted via droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Even can transmit through saliva and nasal discharge. Hence one should wash hands with soap and water after this activity.

👉MYTH: Kid's are not infected with Corona Virus.

FACT: With the recent reports, there are cases of children with corona virus infection. Children definitely gets infected more likely as adults.

👉MYTH: Vaccine is used to cure Corona Virus.

FACT: Of course vaccine helps but till date there is no vaccine available to cure the disease. The development of vaccine is in very initial stage of clinical trials. Hence one must maintain social distance and wash hands frequently.

👉MYTH: Water intake can prevent the Corona Virus disease.

FACT: Drinking water every 15 minutes can flush out the virus from throat into stomach where acid kills it, but no evidence for this respiratory virus. Though drinking water and remaining hydrated is a good habit to increase immunity.


 👉MYTH: Disinfection with Ultraviolet can kill the Corona virus.

FACT: Ultraviolet rays is not used to sterilize hands, it can cause skin irritation and other skin disease. Sterilize hands with alcoholic hand rub.

👉MYTH: Corona Virus is the mutated form of Common Cold Virus.

FACT : Corona virus is a large family virus and may cause many different disease. SARS COV-2 do have similarities of Corona virus which causes common cold.

👉MYTH: Holding your breath for 10 seconds, proves healthy.

FACT:  This is not a reliable test to identify corona virus infection. May be helpful in detecting person with more serious lung disease but not with mild or no symptoms of corona virus.

👉MYTH: Seasonal Flu is more dangerous and not Corona Virus.

FACT: About 80% people infected with corona virus is having mild symptoms and 20% develops serious symptoms. Also mortality rate is about 4-5%. Hence respiratory virus is more dangerous than seasonal flu.

👉MYTH: Use of Hand Dryers is found effecting against killing Corona Virus.

FACT: As per information from WHO, the use of hand dryers is not effective against killing virus.
One should wash hand with soap and water or can use alcoholic hand rub. One can dry hands in dryer or with tissue paper.

👉MYTH: Consume garlic for prevention of Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: There is no evidence in this outbreak that garlic have protected people from virus. Garlic is  a good food with some anti-bacterial properties.

👉MYTH: Antibiotics are effective against Corona Virus Disease.

FACT: There is no medicine available for the cure of these disease. Antibiotics are effective against killing bacteria and corona is a respiratory virus. Yes antibiotics are used to prevent secondary bacterial infection associated with the disease.

👉MYTH: Thermal detectors are used to detect the people infected with Corona Virus.

FACT: Fever is the most common symptoms of Corona Virus Infection. Thermal scanners can detect the fever associated with infection. But can't detect people who are not yet sick or with mild symptoms as it generally takes 2 to 10 days for the on set of symptoms of virus. Thermal scanners are not diagnostic tools.

👉MYTH: Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body is helpful in prevention.

FACT: Corona virus is a respiratory virus. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over the body doesn't prevent the virus already entered into the body. In fact it can be harmful for mucous membrane of eyes and nose and even for clothes.

👉MYTH:  Pneumonia vaccine can protect you against the new Corona Virus Disease

FACT: NO. Pneumonia vaccines like pneumococcal vaccine and haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine doesn't provide protection against the new Corona Virus. This is a new virus and need its own vaccine for which researchers are trying and WHO helps its efforts.

👉MYTH: Gargling with Saline and Hot water can help to prevent Corona Virus.

FACT: Corona virus is a respiratory virus and hence are not impacted by Hot and Saline water. Some also claims that gargling with bleach or alcohol are helpful which is false and even dangerous too. Avoiding ice-cream and using warm water can help is also not true, as neither hot nor cold temperature can kill or deactivate the virus.

👉MYTH: NO breastfeeding while you are infected with Corona Virus.

FACT: As per WHO, a woman with covid-19 should be supported to breastfeed safely holding her new born skin to skin and share a room with her baby.
The baby who has already been exposed to the corona virus by the mother will benefit most from direct, continued breastfeeding because milk provides protection against many illness and strengthen the baby's immune system. 

👉MYTH: Rinsing nose with saline water helps to prevent infection.

FACT: There is no evidence that rising nose with saline water can prevent the infection of new Corona Virus.

MYTH: Corona Virus mainly effects The Older People.

FACT: People of all ages are effected with Corona Virus Infection. Yes older people with pre-existing disease like asthma, diabetes, hypertension are more vulnerable to Corona Virus as their immune system is weak.

👉MYTH: Once you have Corona Virus it means you will have it for Life.

FACT: Most of the people get recovered from the infection. There is symptomatic treatment for the recovery. Seek medical facility once you develop any symptoms.

👉MYTH: Drinking Alcohol prevents against Corona Virus.

FACT: As per information from WHO drinking frequent and excessive alcohol is not helpful to prevent against Corona Virus but is is harmful too.

👉MYTH:  Hydroxy chloroquine can prevent Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: Till date there is no specific medicine available for the treatment of disease.
most people get recovered by their own and people with more serious symptoms seek medical condition. Do not self-medicate. Its dangerous. ICMR guideline are limited to health care workers. Follow ICMR guidelines.

👉MYTH: Anti-Retro viral drug and therapy can treat Corona Virus Infection. 

FACT: There is no evidence that taking anti retro viral therapy is effective, but some ART drugs are being trialed to use against Corona Virus.

👉MYTH:  HIV infected person are more susceptible for the Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: This is a new Virus and there is no evidence that HIV patient are more vulnerable to infection. If you are taking medicines for the HIV consult doctor to improve and increase your immune system.

MYTH:  Black and Africans are more prone to Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: Regardless of skin, race, color and caste, anyone can get infected with Corona Virus Infection.

👉MYTH: Certain Masks can protect you against Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: The masks lowers the risk of transmission of virus and protect you against Corona Virus Infection. As they protect while touching decontaminated hand to eyes, nose and mouth.

👉MYTH: Visit a hospital if You have Cough or Fever.

FACT: visiting a hospital for mild symptoms during a pandemic increases chances of getting infected. Exercise self- quarantine. If needed consult doctor over the phone and follow their advice.

👉MYTH: Pets at home can cause the spread of Corona Virus Infection.

FACT: There is no evidence that pets like dogs and cats can spread the disease. However it is  always a good practice to wash hands whenever you come in contact with pets.

👉MYTH: Only people with Corona Virus symptoms can spread the infection.

FACT: Even people with no or mild corona virus symptoms can spread the infection. Follow social distancing guidelines.

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