How to look young at Any Age.. Follow some Useful Tips

Are you really worried about looking young?

Biological Age = Skin Age is the formula actually for looking young and feeling young which everybody wants.
The way you live, eat and reacts (mood) will reflect on your skin.
For a younger looking skin it is needed to get rid off wrinkles, oily, saggy and inflamed skin.
Follow some simple tips that helps you tp look younger from inside and outside.
How to look young at Any Age

Here are those you should Follow!

🔵The process of aging accelerates/progress, if a person is under stress which causes physical change in the body. The stress may be due job pressure, financial issues and many more. To reduce this pressure and stress, "the relaxation response" technique is very useful and beneficial.
🔵Once or twice a day, for 10 to 20 minutes, sit in a quiet place, closing your eyes and relax your muscles, body and mind. Inhale and exhale slowly. This is the best effective technique to meditate and relieve stress and ultimately slow down the process of aging.
🔵Toning your body, maintaining weight, building healthier bones, boosting mind, all these comes from regular exercise. Of course doing exercise boost the brain power. Even a light walking will help out, which will loose weight and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
🔵Healthy eating and healthy diet is the most important part to remain healthier and younger. Diet and food containing omega-3 fatty acids (found in walnuts and seeds) helps to stabilize mood, maintain brain strength and slow down the process of aging by reducing inflammation in the bode. Around 2-2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acid a day is beneficial.
🔵More energy, better and perfect posture, better flexibility, relax mind and body are the rewards for looking younger. Yoga meaning "Union", Union with God, Union with Yourself is the most effective way to gain these. Yoga includes breathing technique which helps to oxygenate the cells, removing toxins from the body, increasing immune power that makes your skin looks radiant and younger.
🔵Consuming green tea, helps to remove toxins from the body, prevent remissions. Green tea is an amazing compound to speed up metabolism and this is helpful for weight management. Green tea is also useful to reduce the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer and prevent bladder infection.
🔵Eating anti-aging compound especially pomegranate juice contains low cholesterol and maintains blood pressure. Oranges, cranberry containing Vitamin C are used as anti-oxidant. Fruits containing nutrients like amino acids, vitamins like B1, B2, B6, calcium, zinc , magnesium are considered to increase the release of human growth hormone, a natural substance in the body that improves our ability to sleep, release stress, boosts immunity, improves memory, reduces fat and helps to look younger.
🔵Nourish the skin with supplement which helps in slowing down the process of aging and skin cancer. Retinol, a type of Vitamin A is helpful for the smoothness of skin and prevent wrinkles. Use Vitamin C skin-care products for better, younger looking skin, protect your skin from sun rays which protects the skin to block AVA and UVB rays which causes skin aging and skin cancer.
🔵Strengthen the mind with mind exercises like Sudoku, crossword puzzles which helps to prevent cognitive decline and improves memory along with brain power.
🔵As we age, the skin becomes drier due to drop in the level of hormones. Use moisturizer to moisten the skin. Coconut oil is the great moisturizer for the body.
How to look young at Any Age


🔵The skin develops dead cells everyday. The shedding of dead cells is needed to breath skin easier and looks fresh. Exfoliation helps to shed the dead cells. Scrubbing and peeling is the technique to get rid off dead cells which helps to boost the skin radiance. Exfoliation can also be done with salt and lemon juice.
🔵Olive oil, rich in mono saturated fatty acids, helps to keep heart healthy, reduces risk of metabolic problems. Olive oil promotes healthy aging and improves longevity. Eat grapes, berries, plum, and pears which acts as humectant helping to absorb and retain moisture.
🔵Chocolates containing flavanols improves the flow of blood in the skin, reduces blood pressure and cardio vascular risk. Improving the blood flow gives skin more oxygen and keeps skin healthy and younger.
🔵Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrating. Water will prevent your skin to look dull and patchy. It helps to maintain your metabolic function and make your skin look healthy and grow within.
🔵Irregular sleeping affects skin barrier function and cause skin aging, thus skin becomes dull, dry & inflamed. Sleep for 7-9 hours to keep skin healthy and maintain skin radiance and appear younger.
🔵Avoid junk food and bad life style habit like smoking and tobacco consumption.
🔵Make very positive and happy facial expressions that makes you look younger and healthy.
🔵Clean your skin with water which helps to retain moisture avoiding soap. Also avoid skin toners containing stringent or alcohol base which vanish natural radiance.
🔵Green vegetables containing Vitamin K helps to coagulate and protect the skin against UV rays. Consumption of red vegetables like tomatoes gives better skin complexion.
🔵Unhealthy foods and those containing excessive salt and sugar which causes inflammation in the body and accelerate the process of aging. Avoid high sugar and salt intake.
🔵Muscles need protein to maintaining fitness. Loss of muscles leads to loss of strength and balance which accelerates the process of aging. Less defined muscle cause skin to appear loose, sagging skin and makes your skin appear older than your biological age.
🔵Growing gray is OK. Coloring your hair makes you feel younger, but upkeep becomes impossible. You actually look younger and fresher with a full head of gray or white natural hair with a gloss over it. Or if wanted to color, choose natural hair color. 
🔵Feeling young mentally, actually makes you look young. Be creative to feel young mentally.
🔵Don't wear makeup during moist and humid season as during most season, makeup turns into a growing ground for microbes and bacteria.
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