What Is Fasting? Know Fasting Rules & Types Of Fasting

The process of giving rest to our digestive system in a systematic manner is called fasting. Through fasting we fulfill the sky element. Foreign matter accumulates in the body, when there is an outbreak of various diseases in the body. By fasting, the foreign matter and accumulated faeces of the body gradually get completely out of the body. The reason for this is that the proper energy of the body is not used in digestion, but in purification of the body. But it is worth noting that fasting is done by following the rules and not on a voluntary basis. Only by following the rules in the specified way we can get desired benefits. Failure to follow the rules can result in serious loss instead of profit.

 Fasting Rules

1. Fasting should always be done only after preparing well. Light food should be taken two to three days in advance. A day before fasting, take light food in the morning and if not eat the evening meal then it is better. 

2. It is best to switch to juices a day before fasting by gradually reducing the amount of solid food. 

3. In a long fast, preparation also has to be completed. Before fasting for seven days and after fasting for seven days, the sequence of quitting the diet gradually and taking it again should be followed firmly.

4. Preparation and breaking of fasting should be done very carefully rather than fasting. 

5. By never fasting as per your wish, first one should fast according to one's nature and according to physical strength, under the supervision of learned people. With proper understanding, fasting can be done on its own later.

Types Of Fasting

1. Fasting in acute diseases

2. Fasting in chronic diseases 

3. Short Fasting

4. Prolonged Fasting

6. Fasting once in fifteen days fasting.

7. Ardha fasting or one-time fasting.

8. A Diet.

In acute diseases, the body tries to expel the foreign matter rapidly. Therefore, energy should not be spent in digestion for this to put all the energy of the body in it. In the case of cold, fever, stomach ache, headache etc., if one is kept drinking lukewarm, water of honey-lemon, then soon health will come back on track. If this is not possible, then one or two days can be lived on juices of fruits, vegetables etc. Juices of Tulsi, Giloy, Amla etc. can also be taken. Most of the long fasts are good in chronic diseases. These diseases have been accumulating in the body for many years and have affected one or more organs internally. If the life force of a person is weakened, then its symptoms also remain suppressed. Therefore, it is not possible to fix them in a day or two. Fasting should be done under the supervision of a knowledgeable person with full preparation, being aware, being ready for mental ups and downs. 

Depending on the condition and power, whether it should be kept only on water or on milk, or on juice. Keeping an object like whey on it for a long time is called 'Kalpa'. Weekly, once in fifteen days or once in a month, every person must fast for purification of the body. 

Precautions During Fasting

It is not right to just lie down or take rest during fasting. Nor should you work too hard. The life force of the body is trying to expel the toxins with full force. So we should be helpful in that. First of all, keep in mind that you must keep drinking enough water. Drinking clean and fresh water after a while helps in the removal of foreign matter. Water mixed with lemon and honey keeps the walls of the intestines smooth and flexible and does not dry out. Enema should be taken during the fasting period till the bowels are cleared so that the accumulated faeces can be removed. Bathing regularly with fresh and clean water is beneficial. Along with this, various natural baths like Kati Snan, Mehn Bath, Tub Bath, Mud Bath etc. must be done. These will allow the expulsion of faeces to be done more quickly. Worship, reading, pranayama, meditation should be done during the exercise period. Along with the process of purification of the body, it is necessary for the mind to be calm & pure. Also, resting benefits both the body and the mind. There are bulges during fasting because the suppressed diseases of the body come to the surface and then go away. One should not panic when the bulges appear, but the treatment should be kept natural and not the use of medicines. Incense bath must also be taken during the fasting period.

Disturbances During Fasting

1. First of all the rule says that when you feel hungry and openly after coming on It should be understood that the body has become fit. Being frankly hungry is a good symptom. 

2. There should be no layer of dirt on the tongue, it should be clean, pink. light clay plate of one more no asthma

3. The taste of the mouth should be pure. 

4. There should be no foul smell in the mouth.

5. Skin appears soft, smooth, flexible.

6. Make your eyes shine. 

7. The body should not feel lethargic but feel energetic 

8. The body should neither feel hot nor cold, it should be natural.

9. The person himself should feel that he is now feeling fresh, happy and good and there is no sign of disease. 

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