Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste

Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice Or Even As Paste

Neem:सर्व  रोग निवारिणी (One That Cures All Ailments And Ills)

After Samundra Manthan when "AMRITA" being carried to heaven by devas, it is said that few drops of it fell on the NEEM tree; which attributes to its miraculous and amazing medicinal properties. Hence, called  "KALPVRUKSHA" and So there are amazing  Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste

Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste
Neem Leaves

Neem is a traditional medicinal herb with great importance in Indian culture. Always being heard by our grandparents and parents that in the month of "chaitra" (April in English calendar) there is union of hot and cold climatic season. Hence there occurs diseased condition; so consumption of one glass of neem juice will improve body's immune system for the whole year. Drinking a glass of neem juice is considered a part of life for many people.

Ayurveda says in the season of chaitra(April) pitta dosha accumulates in body and, if it accumulates in more quantity, it can cause blood or skin diseases. Hence drinking neem juice prepared from fresh leaves during this season will remove toxins from the body.

The Festival of Ugadi in Banglore, Gudi Parwa in Maharashtra, first day of chaitra navratri in North India, Bihu in North East India is not complete without neem leaves. Neem is considered a form of the Divine Mother, the life energy itself.

One will be surprised to hear that when neem leaves are rubbed vigorously between palms and then washed under water, all the germs and bacteria are flushed. Likewise it can be used as Hand Wash in this Corona Pandemic Situation where washing Hand is must!!! 


Neem is having an Immune Boosting Properties. It can be used for the prevention of many disease.

Virus is just a fragment of DNA in a protective coat, when it comes in contact with a cell, injects its DNA into the cell which then reproduces new viral particles. Neem produces antibodies that attack virus and with one-two punch can lift up both lymphocytic and cell mediated immune system. It boots macrophage response, stimulates lymphocytic system and boots production of whit blood cell.

Here Comes an amazing  Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste (Dry Or Wet) for Local Application: 


Chewing neem twig proves to be beneficial for gum infections and plaque. Neem is Antibacterial in nature and helps in fighting germs. 
It also maintains the alkaline level of our saliva.


Neem is Anti-Oxidant. It protects the scalp from oxidative stress caused by free radicals; Supports healthy cell division and hair follicle growth around scalp region.
Helpful in dandruff as it has Anti-fungal property too.

Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste


Consumption of neem juice is useful in getting rid of pimples and acne. Neem is helpful in insect bites, itching, eczema, ring worm and other mild skin disease. 
Neem when consumed with honey will give radiant skin and and make skin free from dark spot problems.
Neem seeds when prepared as powder form and applied after hair removal can be used as Tonic and Antiseptic.


Neem leave's water prepared by boiling neem leaves and cooled is used to treat eye irritation, tiredness or redness of eyes.
Adding two drops of neem juice to eyes will get rid of conjunctivitis and eyesight will also increase.


Neem leaves are very effective as Antiviral, helpful in strengthening immune system. It can bring down the risk of many diseases such as common flu, cancer or heart disease.
Health Benefits Of Using Neem As Leaves, Powder, Juice And Even As Paste
Neem Benefits


Many toxic elements present in the body system are easily removed by neem, hence enhances digestion. The colon is cleansed by consumption of neem juice and so digestive system works properly.
Helpful in treating constipation too. Improves Metabolism.


Sugar level is controlled by neem.
Even cholesterol remains in control. Removes bad cholesterol and hence no heart disease.
It can remove impurities present in blood.
Mixing a honey with neem and consuming it in the morning with empty stomach is helpful in Jaundice Disease.
It also has Anti-inflammatory property.
During pregnancy it can remove labor pain.


Pregnant women especially in the fourth or fifth month of their pregnancy should not consume neem. As during this period neem produces immense internal heat , which could prove hazardous to the foetus. 
Even when a women is planning to conceive is not advised to consume. Excess heat would begin to treat the foetus as a foreign body.
This excess body heat can be brought down with adequate intake of water.

"Make a habit of consuming Neem Juice daily and be disease free. Alone neem juice is bitter in taste; mix salt or honey or pepper and make it tasty." 
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