Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain-Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music

Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain- Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music

Music can be anything you feel as Vocal or Instrumental (can be both). Sometimes Silence is also a form of music which eases our soul and mind with utmost purity.

Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain, Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music
Benefits Of Music

While listening to your favorite music brings a lot of flashback memories and the whole scene is recreated. Sounds quite interesting! Yes Its because while listening to music particularly favorite one human brain releases a chemical called dopamine that have opposite effects on mood.

Question yourself : Does any music you listen makes you go awww!? Makes you feel relax? does it provides you goosebumps?


Music cause more unexplained physical reactions like hair standing up on the back of your neck or goosebumps which are more commonly associated with strong feelings of nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, astonishment or awe.

Music Expresses your thoughts, emotions in different ways (in the form of Pitch, Melody, Rhythm, Tempo) and human brain have different pathways for the same.

Researchers have revealed that music has the power to improve one's health and well-being. It has power to accumulate huge memories which in normal you couldn't.

Lets SEE Some Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain

  • Mood Changer: Regulates emotions like fear, anxiety, nervousness, depression. The most effective in anger control. Brings relaxation and happiness in one's life. people undergoing any medical treatment which is painful when asked to listen to music feels comparatively less pain.

  • Stress Reducer: Simply saying slow music in the form of pitch or tempo reduces stress and anxiety and makes you healthy. Even people undergoing medical procedures (surgery, dental procedures) find it helpful in reducing fear and stress.

  • Exercise Booster: While exercising and even in gym, music always plays a major role as it boots mental and physical stimulation apart from other energy drinks which costs much high. It gear up our energy to a level where in we can pump ourselves more and more. Even music helps you eat less and hence helpful in weight loss.
  • Memory Reflector and Enhancer: Music creates a unique pattern in human brain which helps in improving memory and even reflect past memories beautifully. Many choose music as background while studying, practicing. Music elevates mood while driving.
  • Provide Comfort: Yes sounds quite differently but it is fact that with music communicating with other becomes easy. It provide comfort in people experiencing feelings such as anger, fear, loneliness. Music at your Work place will help your work done faster and mind becomes productive too.


Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain, Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music
Benefits Of Music

Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music

If you are continuously facing problem with stress, music is the best tool to overcome it. Continuous stress is  dangerous for health and well-being.

Musical Therapy Uses different forms of Music to reduce stress, make you feel tension free and gets you relaxed. Here is how it works:
  Our body cells vibrate at a natural frequency. These frequencies can be misaligned or even changed through illness or physical stress. By subjecting the body or a part of the body to a sound at a particular frequency such problems can be improved.

Try once: Play back a recording of a particular sound at a predetermined and constant frequency .... it will be helpful in treating muscular aches and pains caused by stress.

Music have a well established power that it can alter mood or stir emotions and may even lead us to behave in unusual ways. How? Lets see:
  • Listening to National Anthems and music related to geographical area --Patriotic.🤩
  • Listening to music associated with sports, schools, clubs..... Loyalty.😊
  • Listening to music reminds me of both good and bad times..... Nostalgic.😚
  • Listening to chants, hymns even divine music..... Spiritual.
  • Expressing love and affection with the help of music.... Love.😍
  • I feel like clapping,  tapping my feet and dance.... Energetic.😃
  • Lifting My mood, making me smile, laugh and sing along.... Happy.😀
  • Promoting anger in war and violence..... Hate.😏
  • Music makes feel Gloomy, cry and depressed.... Sad😑
  • Some music which stuck in mind and repeated over and over.... Irritated.😣
  • Music during tense moment in a funfair or movie... Excited.😃

BY no means music and sound affects us in all conceivable ways, even if we are not paying  complete attention or not listening.  Hence it helps in stress removal and makes us feel relax and tension free.

Magical Medical Moments (MMM) Associated with Music:

Strock survivors when listens to music it helped them to experience more verbal memory with less confusion and focused attention.

In Alzheimer's patient music helps to recall memories and even help to maintain some mental abilities.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, music showed improvement in social responses, communication skill and attention skill.

Soothes Premature babies, lullabies impact vital signs.
Help raise IQ's and keeps sharp mind in old age.


Surprising Benefits Of Music On the Brain, Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music
Benefits Of Music

  • Listening to music have a immense relaxing effect on our minds and bodies especially slow, quiet classical music. It absorbs our attention and acts as a distractions at the same time to explore emotions. Helps to prevent mind wandering.
  • It has a direct effect on para sympathetic nervous system, which makes body relax and prepare for sleep. 
  •  It is advisable for old age people listen to music for 45 mins before going to bed which helps them to feel asleep faster and for a longer period of time. Even they wakes up less during the night.
  • It is having a beneficial effect on our physiological functions such as slowing pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.
"So!! If you are geared up enough by reading this make a habit to listen to music at the comfort of your time and feel the magical peace with music. I did it and I feel Better. Now its your turn. Feel happy and better."

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