Smile - Secret Of Happiness, Types & Benefits of Smile

Smile also called as grin, smirk or beam is a happy facial expression. When you smile, neurons in the brain gets activated that fires a synchronizing feature. When you smile, it only adds additional smile & joyous for those around you and you will be noticed.

Smile- a mood booster, releases bodies cortisol and endorphins which provides great health benefits like reducing blood pressure, reduces pain, stress and strengthen the immune system.

It is said that one smile stimulates brains positive and rewarding mechanism in such a way that even chocolate (great stress reducer or a well regarded pleasure-inducer) cannot match.

Smile - Secret Of Happiness

Smile is the high rated positive emotional feeling. When you smile, the neurons of the brain pass the signals which travel from the cortex of the brain stem (the oldest part of the brain). Then the cranial muscles carries this signal further towards the smiling muscles in your face which adds extra beauty on your face. 

Once the smiling muscles of the face gets contracted, the great positive feedback goes back to the brain and reinforces the feeling of joy and one glows like never before.

Smile is considered to be the happiness inducing exercises by which one feels good and energetic. 

"Smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16000pounds sterling in a cash"

Difference Between Fake & Real Smile.
Smile - Secret Of Happiness

Smile activates 2 potential muscles one of which is Zygomaticus Major which controls the corners of the mouth and this gets activates- indicates Fake Smile. 

The second muscle Obicularis Occuli gets activates which encircles the eye socket, indicates real or genuine smile. Infact our brain activates the smile areas from the face which on mimicking the smile can identify it as real smile.

Practice smile in front of the mirror to activate both mouth corners and eye socket. You will genuinely feel whether your smile is genuine as when you smile from the bottom of your heart, you feel happy and relaxed. Be comfortable with your smile that makes your life healthier and happier.
Smile - Secret Of Happiness

Fact: Quite interesting!!! Overall women smile a lot in comparison to men, which might indicate they might be happier. Infact Women are more likely to differentiate between fake and genuine smile.

Just a smile on a face helps one to feel better, healthier, happy, joy and amused. Smile actually changes the brain's chemistry thus dealing with depression & anxiety.

What Happens When You Smile?

Generally, when you smile, your brain releases stress hormones and a tiny molecules called neuropeptides which helps to fights against stress and rid off the same. Even neurotransmitter like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins gets activated to relieve mild pain and helps in reducing stress and depression.

Smile stretches the entire facial muscles, which helps to lose fat from the cheeks.

Types Of Smile

😁Reward Smile - To Motivate others.

😁Wistful Smile - To hide both emotional and physical pain.

😁Dominance Smile - To make other feel less powerful.

😁Affiliative Smile - To communicate trustworthiness.

😁Polite Smile - To maintain discrete distance between people.

😁Flirtious Smile - To flirt with someone.

😁Lying Smile - Indicates lie.

😁Embarrassed Smile - Indicates Embarrassment.

😁Warm Smile - To draw togetherness.

😁The Pan Am Smile - Forces, extreme and fake smile.

😁Duchenne Smile - Trustworthy, authentic & friendly.
Smile - Secret Of Happiness

"Smile is a free therapy for overall health, because nothing shakes the smiling heart"

"Smile and enjoy happiness and pleasure. Smile to make life more beautiful"

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