Simple Ways To Control Frustration

 If you don't raft the tackles, the frustration subsides
Control Frustration

When the clouds/ocean of frustration starts, even the fierce five handed man becomes sweaty and feels himself to be absolutely pure, free, helpless and useless, scared, shaking his head in one of the corners of the house.

Take a few deep breaths, then slowly shake the ideological limbs according to mental balance and ability to get yourself out of the ocean of frustration.

Remember that, the frustrated men can't swim, but they need a raft to tackle all. If these raft is found in time, then they can swim, otherwise they will be pulled into great many tides of ocean so well that its name, work, identity, speech and behavior will be erased and it will go away. He will be lost from the normal healthy living. He will become mad, unstable and wavy.
Control Frustration

Even swimming in such a moment of frustration is like the existence vs being caught. And in such a moment of frustration, even a swimmer can come come out as a raft by catching. Because of that time (Swimming up), by combining mental powers, one does get the training to overcome the violence silently. And the individual can overcome the symptoms of psychiatric disorders such as ego, show off, or being nonsense or the aftermath of pandemics, violence, drug conflicts, etc.

The tide of despair/disappointment is flowing and all their remedies seem to him like a spark and a smiling at that time is a playing being, the best creation of god, all goes dissolving. There is an urgent need to prevent such a situation.

But who will take responsibility for it?
Control Frustration

Its a person himself to take responsibility and control the unwanted, negative vibes from the surrounding and from inner himself. Keep soul so pure that not a small tide of frustration bring any changes.

Listen to every sayings to understand and not to reply.

Take time to make yourself relaxed.

Take deep breaths.

Meditate everyday.

Freely express your concern.

Find out possible solutions to every problematic situation.

Always think before saying especially in the hit of the moment where the person speaks without any understand and then regrets afterwards for the slip of the tongue/unfruitful words.

Smile is the best answer to any harsh situation.

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