Great Health Benefits Of Cocoa

Look, everyone refuses to eat chocolate, and you can find chocolate in every shop, regardless of thieves.

How can chocolate be there?

Young and old all eat chocolate with love and can't even imagine now.

So Christmas time means plenty of chocolates people will love to eat chocolates and 12- About 45 lakh tones of cocoa beans are used.

Bittersweet chocolate, pioneered by the Xhosa American species, would be used in this way and its popularity would soar. 15 to 30 cm of cocoa A large yellow to saffron colored fruit. 20 to 60 seeds in it Chocolate – a vegetable tree will feed

But do you know what chocolate is made of?

And indeed the root of chocolate is a medicinal tree.

Chocolate is made from the cocoa tree. are called beans and contain a white embryo.

Chocolate is made from these seeds. Many things like juice, milk, jelly, cream are made from cocoa beans.

Cocoa seeds are processed into powder and used to make chocolate.

'Cocoa butter' is also made from these seeds.

There is evidence that the cocoa tree has been present on earth for 100 billion years.

There is evidence that people have used cocoa for about 5,000 years.

The cocoa tree first grew in the Indus Mountains of America.

The local people used it specially.

It is said that the natives there used to chew cocoa leaves or use the fruit while climbing mountains or doing hard work.

It increases the power to work and does not feel tired.

At present, chocolate is used in many foods ranging from centerpieces, cakes, drinks. Cocoa cultivation began.

Around AD Cocoa beans contain caffeine.

That's it Around AD Cultivation of this cocoa started in 3000 years BC and in many regions in 2000 years the 'Estec' people started using cocoa widely.

They started grinding cocoa beans and making a hot drink out of them.

This drink is very bitter and is specially drunk during religious ceremonies.

And the original chocolate of the 'Mayo' culture was made in the form of a bitter drink, which was very useful for the body and that's why people called it nectar in those days, but now the chocolate is made too sweet or spiced and thus acts like a sweet poison.

By making a bitter, that is, a medicinal chocolate given by nature Creates excitement in our body.

Stimulates the nervous system and thus increases working power.

That is, of the previous Indian form in time Locals use cocoa while climbing mountains, recognizing its medicinal properties Full of wonderful qualities.

The people there consider cocoa trees very sacred and say that these trees are sent from heaven by God.

The fruit of this tree was used as money by the people there.

Soldiers were rewarded with cocoa fruits.

Cocoa was specially used in the palaces of kings. Doing so, so that they do not feel tired.

Eating cocoa in its natural form works medicinally.

  • It keeps the heart healthy.
  • Keeps the brain fresh and alert. Memory also increases.
  • Improves sports performance.
  • It also reduces stress and works on mood swings.
  • Keeps the mind happy.
  • It is also rationalization.
  • It is also very nutritious.
  • It also removes fatigue.
  • There are many benefits of cocoa beans.
  • It is useful in many ways.

The current word 'chocolate' is a local word 'chocolat!' which means hot water and 'cacahuatl' which means a bitter drink made from cocoa - these two words give rise to the word chocolate.

But, all these uses are of the cocoa fruit and the seeds that come out of it.

The way chocolate is made today and the way it is made with different combinations, it is not possible to get these benefits.

It is the other elements in chocolate that harm our body.

Originally, chocolate was made in the form of a bitter drink, which was very useful for the body and that is why people called it nectar in those days, but now the chocolate is very sweet and sweet chocolate is full of wonderful properties.

When the Spaniards arrived in America, they found this sweet cocoa and they got their own way and added sugar and other spices instead of bitter drinks and made bitter chocolate sweet and then it became very popular in Spain and then gradually it became popular all over the world.

Then he used to drink hot drink in the form of 'hot chocolate'.

After the industrial revolution around 1850, chocolate started to be considered a form of wealth and since then the popularity of chocolate has been working like a poison all over the world.

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