Betel Leaf - Best Ingredient To Keep Gut Healthy And Improve Digestion

The elders used to consume Asopari leaves after having a meal, and along with the leaves, they used to get katha, lime and other in the leaves and eat them.

All these things were to keep the health healthy. Even today, many people in Maharashtra and the country consume betel leaves.

Since ancient times it is customary to take this leaf, betel nut, lime, kayo. Many people consider this harmful. But in reality Ayurveda considers excess of anything always harmful.

It is hot, bitter yet sweet in taste. Purifies it. is salt. will pass. It removes the gas. Worms are also destroyed. It cures bad breath. It shines with ambition. 

Chemicals and herbal medicines are also extracted from the leaf juice. Mouthwash is done when spices like clove, betel nut, camphor, nutmeg are added to the leaves. It brightens the complexion. Removes dental plaque.

Cleanses the tone. It removes saliva or saliva in the mouth. The mind feels dear. Cures throat diseases. If you feel nauseous Then it is a more profitable choice. 

Written in Bhav Prakash and Kamasastra texts As mentioned in Vedic scriptures, the leaf is pungent. 

The leaf brightens the face is that the leaf before and after the reaction is prevalent.

In those days people used to take saffron, silver foil, pearl or lime, betel nut, cloves, cardamom, tambul leaf with salt. Many people take the leaf by slowly putting it in their mouth and sucking it. 

Betel nut and Katha were also taken in proportion. Thus, the tasks taken in the pan were also taken proportionately. Katha removes Kapha and Pitta. Cures gas and cough. Clove pills are very effective.

Today Gulkand with light colored essence of leaves is sold in the market. A blood Camphor is insecticidal along with this lime, so the lime in the leaf gives strength to the mouth and face.

Mild betel nut, yolk damage leaves. Many people drink its juice in the stomach. Due to this, the esophagus gets inflamed. Stomach swelling. Affects the heart.

If there is a tendency to have high blood pressure, the pressure gradually increases, but the nature also becomes angry and greedy. 

According to the doctor, such pan masala is jardayukta mother, throat, esophagus, stomach and causes swelling in the intestine and swelling up to the rectum.  So it swells from the mouth to the anus. 

Some people become slaves to the habit despite knowing all these details. Pan is of Kapori, Banarasi and Mathi types. Either the desi or bangla pan which suits you best gets excellent gastric fire. 

Improves digestion. Kapha cures swelling, pain. The juice of the leaves is pungent. Heals completely. A leaf eater is refreshed.

A joyful smile radiates laughter. Fatigue goes away. Boredom escapes. quenches thirst. 

Varieties of leaves are found in different parts of India. If you go to Madras side, on the gala of the hotel, if you eat a proper amount of pan, there are ready-made pans filled with spices in the pan. Bangla and desi pan are more sheesh. 

Chewing the betel nut in it strengthens the teeth. Betel leaf with leaves should not be taken in excess Degenerates hair, teeth, digestion, hearing and body. 

Bile and blood are contaminated. Before using the leaf, the thick vein in the middle of the leaf should be removed. 

Many people put some intoxicants in the leaves, nutmeg, poppy seeds etc. to create a bond. 

After that they gain weight without taking leaves. It feels like an addiction. 

Sattvic leaves work best by slowly extracting the juice and taking it in moderation. Pan can be taken by adding betel leaves, lime, kamala, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, chilly etc. It is interesting to take it in proportion.

Removes fatigue. Digests food and clears diarrhea. It can be expectorant by eating more betel leaf in the morning, more in the afternoon and taking more lime in the evening. 

Those who have a profuse bleeding tendency for a long time, those who have profuse bleeding, those who have sores, those who regularly eat junk food, those who feel excessive thirst, have taken laxatives, are hungry should not take the leaf. But eating too much leaves can harm the body, eyes, is healthful. 

The leaf initiates digestion from the mouth itself. Such a leaf gives peace to those with a mind of excellent nature. Teeth must be properly cleaned after eating leaves.

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