3 Main Reasons responsible for making aging difficult

Death is the last stage of life and at this stage life becomes weak. Elders have to completely depend on others to do any work. 

Apart from this, they also have to depend on their children financially. Due to all these problems they become victims of mental illness and feel lonely in life despite having a family. 

Earlier, due to the currency of joint family, the elders were somehow taken care of, but now the small family has more impact on the elders in the era of happy family.
3 Main Reasons responsible for making aging difficult 

At such times, children can understand the mood of the elders and help them to solve their problems.

It cannot be denied that in today's modern and competitive times, it has become necessary for children to keep up with the times to get comforts, but it is necessary to take some time out of your busy time to think for the parents as well.

Because elders unknowingly find themselves the center of neglect and as a result they suffer from mental as well as physical ailments.

Disintegration of joint family 

Children living with their parents in small towns are moving to cities keeping in mind their future and at such times they leave their parents alone and settle in cities with their wives and children to make the future bright. 

It is natural for children to think about their future but with this they should not ignore the old age of their parents. You can also take the parents with you and if that is not possible then make arrangements for their comfort.
3 Main Reasons responsible for making aging difficult

It becomes your responsibility to ensure that they are not inconvenienced in your absence. Apart from this, keep in touch with them by phone from time to time or come home during holidays and ask about their well-being so that they don't feel alone. 

Gap between new and old

The gap between new and old generation may also be responsible for the loneliness of elders. Try to reduce this gap.
3 Main Reasons responsible for making aging difficult 

In the age of technology, keep the elders up to date with the latest technology. Also keep in touch with them about the current lifestyle so that they can keep themselves updated and keep up with the new generation. 


Nowadays people are more greedy for money. Everyone is chasing money. As long as you have money you will worship among people, otherwise no one cares. This also applies to elders. 

Elders leave all their properties in the name of children with the idea of ​​passing the last camp of life in peace.
3 Main Reasons responsible for making aging difficult 

Children also fulfill their responsibilities towards their parents well, but in all this the elders must keep one thing in mind that they should also keep some money with them, so that there is no financial problem in their old age. 

Apart from this, if you are financially viable, you can also help your children in times of crisis.

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