4 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail

4 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is more like you are as a friend and you are not together to spend time to go with each other.

It is more like a virtual relationship usually connected with phone, photos, videos and yes network connection we call it.

When you are together, you see each other in a real, hug each other, kiss each other and feel strong enough to be with each other.

4 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail
Long Distance Relationship Fail

When you are apart, your relationship is hypothetical, you may not be able to know: How the partner person is like cool, bad, angry bad many your mind is always on a thinking mode to imagine what the opposite person might be knowing ?,where he/she is ?, how he/she is living ? Many imagination!!!

Awful ! Sometimes depressing.

Sometimes you feel impatient and just try hard to stay connected with each other, wanting to meet, But you couldn’t make, hence this leads to frustration though.

Lets see some 4 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationship Fail

Intermittent Communication

Both live in a different city and you communicate only through chats and phone calls. Now this chats and phone calls will be pre-planned and if this does not work, You start to feel ignoring/avoiding by your partner.

Sometimes when you make calls & chats, It happens that you over communicate and just remain over only phones and couldn’t concentrate on work. of course, this will kill you from inside and sometimes due to lot of workload you don’t communicate at all. Hence, won’t be able to understand each other in anyways and your relationship remains just for the sake of name and no feeling at all.

When you meet really, you feel energetic & vibrations running through out your body. You feel those intense moments that actually works. But when you are in a long distance relationship, the actual sparks is not felt. You miss those touch and sparks every time.

The communication over the phone and chats would make you exciting in the starting, but when months passes, you won’t be having anything to talk about and so you feel bored with the person and start avoid each other.p

Most Important “TRUST”

When anyone think of long-distance relationship, “Trust” Comes as a base part to hold on to those relationship. At first might have fixed the image that those would not be any real relationship after long distance relationship. Let destiny decide your togetherness. Don’t fight over these thing. It will loose the charm.

Also, think for the partner you are beautiful and precious, doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect. You are in a relationship because your partner choose you. Both must love and care equally without asking them in return. Let it be smooth and natural.

When you are apart. You will obviously feel insecure, when you have no reason to be. Start to talk about these insecurity with the partner and ask him/her to fix it for you. Provide him/her with a opportunity to put you at ease. And if you are really meant to him/her, He/she will help you.

 Only by trusting your partner, Your bond becomes much stronger and healthier.

Yes, at time it may come to a situation when you come to meet new people, and get attracted to them. Keep a very good contact with your partner to avoid getting attracted and try to talk even a small incidents to may come across the whole day. 

Sometimes, you may feel distract from other girl or guy. For this always check yourself. What you are doing and don't include your self everywhere.

Emotional support as well as physical support matters

Due to many reasons your might feel that you are being avoided by your partner. Emotional support and this works a lot every relationship emotionally supports matter and if they don’t get it they divert themselves to other and drift apart very soon.

who does not fight?

Every couple fights and they get together after sometime remaining busy is not a bad thing but when your partner need you be with them as to some extent this may ruin your relationship 

when he/she is at a stage where decision of anything matters try to support him/her emotionally even though if you cannot make it easy to do so just be with him or her on call. Both might feel lonely sometime, get indulge in each other rather than keeping one another lonely don’t feel insecure and believe in your partner. 

Emotional support works the same way as physical support in a long distance relationship. Physical cravings for each other increases and these thirst and craving leads to cheat over partner and so ruin your relationship, this creates a chaos in relationship. Both feel impatience and start to think negatively. 

Remember it’s your choice and commitment to be in a long distance relationship and So be mature enough to deal with more Complex and and unpredictable nature of this kind of commitment getting physically attracted to each other can strengthen your relationship.

Making priorities

It happens that when you feel long distance relationship is actually not working, you don’t take it as a priority instead you leave it and lose hope. If your relationship is not progressing give priority to it. Set some goals of moving together and keep that fire burning feeling alive

Don’t demand over so much, yes it’s true that relationships are to make happy even if when your partner is in the other corner of the world. You can’t touch them or feel them. There is no point when your relationship makes you feel sad and unhappy, helpless and hopeless.

Views and values of both partner matters equally, Sometimes views many differ but that should not be the problem. Respect the views and thoughts of each other. But when perception of both changes of course relationship changes

Think about the financial construction like transportation bills, time spend while travelling, fuel bill, phone call bill etc. The important thing you can do is surprise your partner with some small gifts if you can’t meet up frequently.

4 Major Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail
Long Distance Relationship Fail


  • Keep inspiring each other and be emotionally mature enough to handle long distance relationship's commitment 
  • Try to avoid basic reasons that ruin your relationship and lead it to a happy long distance relationship.
  • Don’t blame on each other for a small issue, instead try to fix it soon and move together.
  • Yes it is hard to manage long distance relationship with the work but if both manages find out where it actually went wrong.
  • Even a small silly mistake which you have made it intentionally or unintentionally, solve it and don’t lead it to physical separation.
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