Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall

Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall

Many a times you have heard this "Don't use conditioner if you have oily hair", "Don't comb your hair frequently," "wash your hair frequently".

Well there is no scientific reason to all these fiction and sayings. Commonly, all these are myths that you believe.

To make you aware and clear about these fiction and of course so called fake things, post is pilled up with facts to make you believe the true things. 

There are lot of misconceptions regarding hair that is, "should not dry your hair with dryer", "Don't wash hair with hot water", "Don't comb with wet hair".

Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall

Here is the truth to all these!

Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall

👎Myth: Dandruff, splits end, Hair-fall can be controlled by shampoos

👍Fact: Shampoo is just a cleanser, that removes dirt to make hair fresh. Just like your soap does to your body. Don't ever believe in commercial advertisements that it can cure dandruff, Hair fall or Split ends. In fact to cure all these eat foods rich in Iron, Vitamins and Proteins. And don't stress too much. You can apply hair mask and oil to nourish and make your hair stronger and healthier.

👎Myth: Washing Your Hair Frequently Is Good

👍Fact: Washing frequently will wash away natural oil present in the scalp which makes your hair much dryer. Wash as and when required.

👎Myth: By Trimming Hair grows Faster

👍Fact: There is no relation of hair growth and trimming hair as hair growth is from root and not from the end. Hair Grows from the root, trimming makes hair look fluffy and causes less damage. Also trimming your head doesn't affect hair growth as hair follicles remains same after trimming and it is genetic.

👎Myth: Hair Texture you are born with remains for a life time

👍Fact: Hair texture depends on age, environment in which you live and hair care you do. The one born with smooth, silky and thicker hair make hair damaged by unhealthy lifestyle, no care and using chemical treatments. While one with rough and frizzy hair by self-care, diet and healthy life style make hair smooth and healthier.

👎Myth: When you pull one gray Hair, it multiplies

👍Fact: Pulling and tugging damages hair follicles which makes hair weak at the root. You can cut the hair if you wish too.

👎Myth: Hair turns gray with the use of Honey

👍Fact: Honey is a deep conditioner which retains moisture and hence prevents dryness, dandruff and frizz.
Honey can be mixed with  mask to make hair moisturize. Even many shampoos are available having honey as base for moisturization and conditioning.

👎Myth: Use Blow dry instead of Air- dry

👍Fact: Hair should be blow dried instead of air dry because blow dry may lead to damaged surfaces and air dry cause damage to the strands themselves. When you are exposed to water for longer period of time, it swells up and puts pressure on proteins that is useful to keep intact hair.

Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall

👎Myth: You must change shampoo ate a time interval as hair gets addicted to the same shampoo

👍Fact: No scientific reason. Hair consists of dead tissue, which cannot get addicted. Washing your hair with the same shampoo for a long time, can make the process of getting hair dirtier slow.

Dandruff is generally because of Dry Scalp

👍Fact: Dandruff occurs in a person with oily skin. Hence use oil that cannot version the situation of dandruff.

👎Myth: Combing frequently leads to heeled Hair

👍Fact: Combing is the alternative to hair wash. Frequently combing. carry away the oil along the hair, making it dirty much faster. But combing doesn't effect growth, rather cause much harm by causing splits ends and breakages. Hence, better to comb your hair only when its necessary.

👎Myth: Proper treatment and care will make your Hair thicker

👍Fact: The thickness of hair is totally depending on a genetic trait. And even number of hair follicles is a genetic trait. Hence, quality of hair is not affected by any way.

👎Myth: Washing more frequently, causes more oily Hair

👍Fact: Just like color, thickness and curls, the amount of oil released by fat cells is dependent on genetic trait. In fact selective care can effect sebaceous gland to make your hair dirty slower and lesser.

👎Myth: Wash hair with cold water and not with hot water as hot water causes Hair fall

👍Fact: Again hair consists of dead tissue so neither hot nor cold water would affect the cuticle condition and hair fall.

👎Myth: You can recover Hair ends

👍Fact: Splits ends can be closed for a while by using masks or oil and to get them off you need to cut ends from time to time.

👎Myth: Frequent Shampoo is not done as it damages

👍Fact: Shampooing totally depends on your hair type, how dirty they are and your life style. If you feel your hair is dirty and oily, wash it or else skip washing until it starts to feel oily and dirty. Also infrequent washing may produce and build up dead cells, residual oil and bacteria which damages your hair.

👎Myth: Feeling too much stress causes graying of Hair

👍Fact: Well graying of hair totally depends on genetic trait and aging. Aging leads to less production of melanin(molecule responsible for natural hair color) and so new hair comes gray in color. Yes, its true that stress may speed up the process of aging that may lead to graying of hair. There is no direct relationship between graying of hair and stress.

👎Myth: No Conditioning for oily Hair

👍Fact: Hair becomes oily due to too much sebum released from sebaceous gland which is a natural process by scalp tissues. proper washing and hair conditioning provides hydration, nourishment and protection. Conditioning is not to be avoided.

👎Myth: Don't eat crust and it leads to curly Hair

👍Fact: Hair texture totally depends on genetic trait and difference in the amount of protein fibers between one part of the cortex to the other. Crust cannot form curly hair.

👎Myth: Leaving conditioner over a longer period of time is beneficial

👍Fact: Conditioner penetrates into the hair to provide emollient property and yes keeping it for longer period of time will be effective.

👎Myth: Hair color of yours should match your eyebrow color

👍Fact: This totally depends on trends. Yes eyebrow color should not be more than two levels darker than your natural hair color.

👎Myth: You should lather and rinse and then repeat.

👍Fact: Well, repeating totally depends on how dirty your hair are and the amount of product(dirt) and oil being build up on the scalp. Its not necessary always to repeat.

👎Myth: To grow Hair faster, sleep by keeping your hair down.

👍Fact: Keeping hair down while sleeping is only done to further prevent any additional breakage, damage or tension at the root.

👎Myth: Lighten your Hair under sun.

👍Fact: Sun is not the best method to lighten your hair as it causes sunburn into the scalp. You can use ammonia free color lifting cream to lighten the hair color.

👎Myth: Making a hair tied up too tight can make much Hair fall.

👍Fact: Constantly wearing tight rubber bands creates tension on your hair follicles and leads to permanent loss. Loosen your bands to create less tension and friction.

👎Myth: Hair growth increases in summer

👍Fact: In cold, blood flow to the scalp decreases as blood gets diverted to internal organs to maintain body temperature. The same is opposite in hot, that is blood flow is enhanced to the scalp and skin boosts follicle activity which in turn increases hair growth.

👎Myth: Hair fall is inherited from the father, mother or grandparents.

👍Fact: Yes parents genes are a factor. But there is no such thing as a single hair loss gene. It is depending on the interaction between the several genes of both the parents.

👎Myth: Men are having more hair fall than women.

👍Fact: Hair fall is just common between men and women. Gender has no relation with hair fall.

Myths and Facts For Hair, Hair Growth and Hair Fall
Hair Growth

👎Myth: Hair loss in female causes irregular menstrual period and abnormal bleeding.

👍Fact: Hair loss is due to lack of vitamins, proteins and minerals in diet. Sometimes due to hormonal imbalance.

👎Myth: Frequently having sex may cause hair loss die to release of hormone during sex.

👍Fact: There is no scientific proof about sex hormone release may cause hair loss.

👎Myth: Steroids leads to faster Hair growth.

👍Fact: Anabolic steroids may increase growth. Well taking these steroids is not permanent and once you stop taking them may cause hair loss.

👎Myth: The Hair color changes while swimming

👍Fact: The copper present in the pipes will get transferred from water to pools and not chlorine which causes hair color change. This is because in hot. Due to evaporation there is high concentration of copper salts in the water which damages hair.

👎Myth: Lemon juice will make your Hair gray

👍Fact: Lemon is a mild acid which closes cuticle and make hair shiny and smooth. Graying hair is due to less production of melanin. 

👎Myth: Hair gets damaged. If you rub with a towel.

👍Fact: Of course vigorous running with towel damages hair. When your hair are wet, there are high chances of hair damage because it is full of water and its tensile strength is depleted until it is dry. Rubbing causes friction and make cuticle rough causing hair damage. Prefer gentle rubbing.
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