Myth Vs Fact about An Apple

Myth Vs Fact about An Apple

Always and many times heard the saying;

"An Apple A Day, Keeps Doctor Away"

An Apple holds a superior position over other fruits and vegetables. 

Of course an apple contains numerous nutritional ingredients like Vitamin B Complex, Carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc and Potassium. 

All these provides various health benefits like:
  • Gaining energy from the food.
  • Production of red blood cells.
  • Boost Immunity to fight against infection and various diseases.
  • Maintains the integrity of blood vessels.
  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Improves digestion
  • Lowers cholesterol level.
  • Normal the blood sugar level.
  • Protect the body against the harmful effects of oxygen free-radicals.
  • Prevention of premature skin aging.
  • Reduces risk of stroke.
  • Prevention of cancer specially breast cancer.
  • Keeps healthy brain and protects brain against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Aid in weight loss.

But there are various myths associated with apples.

Here are those you should know! 

πŸ‘‰MYTH: Apples are covered with wax.


Well its very common. 

Most of you must have seen video, people put an Apple in hot water and the wax is coming out of it, also scratching Apple with a knife and pulling out wax from the surface of it.

Yes Apples are covered with wax which is the natural additives that is regulated by US FDA. The wax protects an Apple from molds, germs and bruises and make it fresh for a longer period of time. The wax is not dangerous if you consume it. It helps to prevent an apple from moisture loss. It is safe according to the food and drug administration. The wax is made from products like vegetables, petroleum wax, bees wax, shellac wax or resin. It also makes apple look shiny and prevent germs from getting inside.

πŸ‘‰MYTH: An Apple should be avoided by diabetic as they contain sugar.


An apple contains majority of natural sugar called fructose. The natural sugar is processed differently by body then other processed and added sugar in other food. It has a very little effect on blood stream  Apple contains fiber and other nutrients. Fiber helps to prevent blood sugar spike and slows down the absorption of fructose. Other nutrients like Polyphenols present in Apple is effective in diabetes type 2 diabetes, improving body's ability to use insulin more effectively. Also as Natural sugar doesn't hit bloodstream at once liver gets time to metabolize it and slows down absorption and promote gut health.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: Apple are high in carbs and hence aid in weight loss.


Yes! Medium sized apple contain approximately 25 grams of carbs and around 25% of these carbs are from fiber. Fiber helps to reduce appetite and makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Thus aids in weight loss.

πŸ‘‰MYTH: Accidentally swallowing Apple seed, causes death.


Seeds contain chemical called amygladin which upon contact with digestive juices release poison called cyanide,  but this poison cyanide is present in very small quantity so if you swallow Apple seeds accidentally along with apple don't worry. You need around hundred seeds or 10 Apple cores to have an effect of cyanide on you. Also cyanide is difficult to digest.

πŸ‘‰MYTH: One Bad apple spoils the whole bunch.


Apple how to be stored very well. An apple stored in a cold storage container can keep its flavanoid content for a longer period of time. Do separate and eat/consume those Apple first having any signs of damage as it may spoil other Apple because Apple produce a large amount of Ethylene gas on the decaying. Choose an apple having no bruises or soft spots and of course of good shape.

πŸ‘‰MYTH: Apple is rich in lot of vitamins.


Most people consume Apple to cure deficiency of vitamin. In fact Apple contains very less quantity of vitamins, hence Apple won't help in case of Vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin C, Carotene  and Folic acid (Vitamin B9) are the essential vitamins needed. Apple does contain this but in very less quantity. In order to get daily dose, you need to have 2.5 pounds of Apple which is a toxic dose for intestine and teeth.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: An apple a day keeps doctor away.


Apple contains Carbs, fiber(pectin), which helps to improve digestion by maintaining intestinal peristalsis and micro flora balance. Also contains organic Acid, flavonoids which also promotes digestion and intestinal micro flora. Healthy  intestine is a conditions leading to strong Immune system . Although it is not possible to get rid of all health problems just by eating apples. Apples are antioxidants containing Vitamin C and Potassium. Pectin fiber in Apple is a soluble fiber helping to lower LDL cholesterol and promoting heart health,. Pectin is also a probiotic which help to feed our beneficial gut micro flora.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: An Apple cider vinegar aids in promoting weight loss.


There is no magic formula or remedies for weight loss. Weight loss is done only by a decrease in calorie intake along with increasing exercise. Fruits like apple are low in calories as they contain fiber which makes you feel fuller and takes time to digest. Also added sugar rather than natural sugar leads to weight gain. Make sure that it doesn't contain any added sugar.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: Apple should be eaten as a whole.


The core of the apple and its peel irritates the intestine. Apple seeds are also not beneficial. In fact it contains toxic hydrogen cyanide.  Also the skin of an apple may contain all sorts of pesticides and germs. Other than this, peel of an apple also contains fiber and antioxidants which helps in good gastrointestinal and respiratory functions. Also it has double potassium and Vitamin A. It is a good idea and a habit to wash an apple before consuming it.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: Apple helps to prevent iron deficiency.


100 gram of an apple contains around 2.2 milligram of iron that is only the 1% of iron while almond and apricots contains twice as much. Also iron from plant food is absorbed much worse than from animal foods.

Myth Vs Fact about An Apple
Myth Vs Fact about An Apple

 πŸ‘‰MYTH:  If you plant the seed from an apple it will grow into a new variety.


Apple possess genetic characteristics called heterozygosity. This means, any new tree grown from the seeds of an apple will grow into a new variety. Hence now thousands of known varieties of Apples are found. Well, this all depends upon species evolution and its ability to adapt and survive to new environment. Also this makes cultivation much more difficult.

 πŸ‘‰MYTH: Only Organic apples are healthy for you.


Whether conventional or organic, fruits inherently nutritious and has ability to fight against diseases. At least two fruits per day is proven to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease or cancers. Choosing organic apples may reduce the risk of  pesticide Residue but is equally healthy and nutritious. Hence, wash it before eating it.

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