What is Yoga?, Purpose Of Yoga, Forms Of Yoga And Health Benefits Of Yoga

What is Yoga?,  Purpose Of Yoga, Forms Of Yoga And Health Benefits Of Yoga

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is the most relaxing exercise using breathing as main component, which on practicing provides numerous physical and psychological health benefits.

Yoga means union, union with god, which brings you to reality, meeting your inner soul and relaxing yourself. 

Yoga brings you to the tremendous experience of life. Yoga is not an idea, but a reality an individual can feel. 

What is Yoga?,  Purpose Of Yoga, Forms Of Yoga And Benefits Of Yoga

There are three basic kinds of yoga:

  • Asthanga
  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha yoga
All these three kinds of yoga work on a similar technique to build strength, flexibility and stamina.

Yoga also means the combination of breathing techniques and meditation.

Some do yoga to have a correct posture while some other do to go into a meditative state and meet with themselves.

Yoga is the best way to relax your body, mind and inner soul.

Purpose Of Yoga

The main purpose of yoga is spiritual development practices to train body and mind, knowing yourself more and become aware of one's own nature.

Yoga is concerned with four main purpose:
  • Increase consciousness.
  • Self-Regulation.
  • Self-Awareness.
  • Attention To Inner Experience.

Yoga is meant to increase awareness and decrease disease.

Yoga is a combination of systemic practice dealing with physical exercise, controlling your breath, relaxing body and mind, controlling diet, improving IQ  and a way towards positive thinking.

Yoga brings harmony to the body, mind and environment.

Forms Of Yoga

There are five forms of yoga:

  • Low impact physical activity
  • Postures (Asanas)
  • Breathing techniques (Pranayam)
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation

What is Yoga?,  Purpose Of Yoga, Forms Of Yoga And Benefits Of Yoga

Modern yoga have been modified and emerged in various paths:

  • Bhakti Yoga - the path of devotion.
  • Gyana Yoga - the path of knowledge.
  • Raja Yoga - the path of wisdom to self realization and self awareness.
  • Karm Yoga - the path of action

Practicing yoga regularly provides physical and mental health benefit. 

Here are those you should know!

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Physical Health Benefits

👉By practicing yoga, your muscles are stretched, which helps to move better and feel less stiff or tired. 

👉Improves flexibilty and physical strength.

👉Yoga helps to improve posture and develop core strength to sit and stand 'tall'.

👉Yoga provides overall body strength and balance.

👉With the continuous practice of yoga, the level of comfort within your body will get increased, which also increases self-confidence

👉After doing yoga, one may feel more energetic and consistency in energy is maintained.

👉Yoga improves metabolism, reduces cellulite, hence helps to maintain weight.

👉Yoga increases the awareness towards your own body.

Mental Health Benefits.

👉By doing yoga, one can develop a strong connection between mind and body.

👉Overall mood and well being is improved.

👉Yoga reduces the stress and focuses on attention power.

👉By controlling breathing, anxiety is reduced.

👉By practicing yoga, negative energy gets vanished and released through exercise.

👉One may reduce depression through yoga as it lowers the cortisol level.

👉Self-Control connected with the aspects of life is increased.

👉Yoga provides more attention, improve concentration and a reduction in the hostility and anger.

👉One may have better sleep with yoga.

👉Yoga improves blood circulation which helps to reduce stress and improves memory.

👉Overall, yoga improves concentration and calms your body and mind to make to happier.

What is Yoga?,  Purpose Of Yoga, Forms Of Yoga And Benefits Of Yoga

Physiological Benefits

👉Yoga lowers the cholesterol level by increasing blood circulation, burning fat  and removes bad cholesterol.

👉Yoga increases your immune system by promoting a strong lymphatic system and reducing toxins in the body.

👉Yoga increases Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant to boost immune power.

👉Yoga increases the level of red blood cells, responsible for carrying oxygen through the blood, thus improves anemia and low energy.

👉Yoga helps to detoxify mind and body. Detoxification leads to delay aging. 

👉Yoga helps to remove any constipation from the body and improves abdominal strength.

👉Yoga improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the body. These too helps to lower the blood pressure and pulse rate.

👉By improving circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen is transported easily which gives you healthier skin, organ and brain.

👉By doing breathing exercises, respiratory rate is decreased and helps lungs to work more efficiently. Also treats chronic bronchitis.

👉Yoga balances metabolism and results in a healthy weight.

👉By regularly practicing yoga, pain tolerance is increased. Yoga helps to massage the internal organs and improves ability to prevent diseases.

👉In Alzheimer's disease, yoga helps to elevate brain's Gamma Amino Butyric (GABA) levels, which may slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

👉Yoga encourage the insulin production in the pancreas and proves to be excellent preventive for type 2 diabetes.

👉Greater improvement in grip strength for people with Carpel  Tunnel Syndrome.

👉Yoga reduces symptoms of asthma.

👉Yoga helps to relieve stress in joints and loosens muscles. Improves osteoporosis and arthritis. Also helps to prevent cartilage and joint breakdown. Yoga protects spine.

👉Yoga helps to reduce migraine pain.

👉Cancer patients gain strength and energy, raise red blood cells, reduce nausea during chemotherapy.

👉Prevents epileptic seizures by improving overall balance of the body through stress reduction and breathing.

👉Yoga helps to eliminate and reduce allergic symptoms and clear nasal passage by breathing exercise.

👉Yoga helps to reduce the side effects of menopause.

Its nothing that a yoga cannot improve and heal.
Do yoga, be healthier and happier.

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