12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolates, Which Chocolates Is To Be Consumed; Dark Or Light (Milk) Chocolate?

Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolates, Which Chocolates Is To Be Consumed; Dark Or Light (Milk) Chocolates?

Many Considers, eating chocolate causes weight gain and acne. But despite chocolates having delicious taste, it possess great health benefits.

Chocolates are very familiar among children and young. Chocolate is considered to be the popular food product among other that you can enjoy eating everyday. 

Now when you eat chocolate, you won't regret of eating. In fact next time you will not have to find any reason to eat chocolates, as it possess many health benefits. 

Chocolates are having anti-biotics and anti-platelet property. Chocolate increases HDL (Good) cholesterol and decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol level.

Chocolates are energy boosting food, which improves your muscle strength and growth. It increases the capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles. 

Chocolates containing flavanols and flavonoids which prevents cell damage and inflammation, also promotes blood health. Chocolates having high content of cocoa with no added sugars or fillers are all good for health.

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolates, Which Chocolates Is To Be Consumed; Dark Or Light (Milk) Chocolate?

Nutritional Content Of Chocolate

100gm of chocolate bar contains:
  • 70-85% Cocoa
  • 11gm of fiber
  • 77 % of iron
  • 98% magnesium
  • 58% manganese
  • 89% copper

Also contains potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium.

These all nutrients give 600 calories and low amount of sugar.

Chocolates are made from the seed of cocoa tree which is the best source of anti-oxidants.

Which Chocolate Is Best To Consume? 

Chocolates high in cocoa are considered to be the best to consume. Unsweetened chocolate contains high percentage of cocoa.

Dark chocolate contains about 35 to 95% cocoa.

Milk chocolate contains 10% chocolate liquor, while white chocolate contains no cocoa.
Less percentage of cocoa in chocolate means it contains high sugar and other fillers in it. 

High cocoa chocolate increases energy level by increasing the energy level of the mitochondria at the level of the muscles. 

Un processed chocolate having high cocoa are bitter in taste and acidic. Due to which manufacturer adds sugar and other filler to raise its PH level and make it neutral.

Dark chocolate or unprocessed chocolate is better for good health. Dark chocolate contains excellent fatty acid profile. The fats present are saturated and monosaturated, with small amounts of polyunsaturated fat

Besides this, it contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine which keeps you awake. 

Dark chocolates contain high iron content and anti-oxidant level. While light or milk chocolates contains only milk which gives you only protein and calcium. 

The level of cholesterol, calcium, fats, carbohydrates is higher in light chocolates. While dark chocolates provide great energy, iron and potassium.

Here are the amazing health benefits of chocolates.

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolates, Which Chocolates Is To Be Consumed; Dark Or Light (Milk) Chocolate?

🍫Mood Enhancer.

Chocolate is considered to be the best brain food. Chocolate contains cocoa flavanol which helps to improve cognitive performance, reduces fatigue and improves mood in many stressful situations. 

Polyphenols present in chocolate provide pleasurable sensory experience and makes you feel good. Stimulant, caffeine and theobromine have effects on endorphins and serotonin which keeps your mood awake and fresh. 

Organic chocolate having 70% cocoa increases neuroplasticity in the brain and improves memory, cognition and mood. High level of flavanols in dark chocolate is responsible to improve learning and memory. 

Phenylethylamine-an organic compound present in chocolate when released into the body releases a stimulant feeling which makes you feel happy. 

Chocolate acts as anti-depressant which reacts with dopamine present in the brain and along with this theobromine and tryptophan content also promotes happiness and makes you feel high.

🍫Improves Brain Function

Epicatechin, a compound present in chocolate helps to improve brain function and helps to protect the brain from any injury or stroke. 

Flavanol cocoa helps to improve the blood flow to the brain, thus improves cognitive function too.

Caffeine and theobromine are stimulants present in chocolate which helps to improve brain memory and verbal fluency. 

Brain damage caused in Alzheimer's disease is improved by eating chocolate. Cocoa helps to reduce the damage done to the vital organs of the brain.

🍫Reduces Cholesterol Level

Cocoa helps to decrease oxidized cholesterol, increases HDL and lowers LDL. Being a powerful anti-oxidants, it helps to protect lipoproteins against any oxidative damage due to free radicals. 

Dark chocolate also helps to keep the blood inflammation inducing proteins away.

🍫Helpful in Cough.

Theobromine in chocolate helps to reduce the activity of the vagus nerve, the brain part responsible for coughing fits.

Also it is a common narcotic in cough medicine.

🍫Energy Booster.

Dark chocolate helps to carry oxygen to the muscles at a faster rate, thus provide you more energy. 

Taking chocolate regularly in your diet helps to reduce fatigue.

🍫Improves Heart Health.

The dark chocolate contains flavanols which stimulates the endothelium, the lining of arteries to produce nitric oxide. 

Nitric Oxide helps arteries to get relaxed and provide resistance to blood flow, thereby reduces blood pressure. 

Chocolate helps to lower the risk of heart disease and cardiometabolic disorder it also reduces risk of stroke. 

Dark chocolates helps to boost the oxygen availability during exercise. 

Chocolate prevents blood clots and thus reduces risk of heart attacks. 

🍫Beneficial For Skin

The flavanols present in chocolate, protects the skin against sun rays, improves blood flow to the skin, increases skin density and hydrates the skin. 

It helps to reduce stress as a over all and makes you feel young, fresh and wrinkle free. Cocoa enhances mitochondrial biogenesis, one that leads to the development of new mitochondria. 

This is helpful in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, acts as anti-aging. Having high flavanoid content is helpful in treating sun burn.

🍫Acts As Good Source Of Anti-Oxidants

Dark chocolate contains organic compound poly phenols, flavanols, catechins which act as anti-oxidants.

It helps to fight against free radicals and this aids in cancer prevention. 

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolates, Which Chocolates Is To Be Consumed; Dark Or Light (Milk) Chocolate?

🍫Reduces Stress

Phenylethylamine, an organic chemicals is released into the body, stimulates your inner feeling which makes you happy and reduces stress.

 Dopamine, which is naturally present in the brain, combines with chocolate and acts as anti-depressants.

🍫Helpful In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, eating chocolate is beneficial for fetal growth and development as it contains higher amount of iron.

Theobromine can stimulate the heart and help the arteries to dilate. 

Preeclampsia, a shoot up in a high blood pressure during pregnancy is controlled by eating chocolate.

🍫Aids In Weight Loss

Eating chocolate before and after meal, greatly helps to reduce appetite. 

It helps a person to feel full.

It raises blood sugar level and thus reduces craving for food.

By controlling appetite, it aids in weight loss. 

Chocolate may help to reduce body mass index. 

🍫Improves Blood Sugar Level

Cocoa helps to metabolize glucose. 

Flavanoids in dark chocolate helps to reduce oxidative stress, due to which body's sensitivity to insulin is improved and so insulin resistance is reduced. 

This aids to reduce the risk of developing diabetic disease.
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