Emotions And Health; Effect Of Negative Emotions And Positive Emotions

Everyone knows that the mind evokes certain automatic response from the body. We start salivating upon think about food we like, Words and thoughts can cause a blush. But your more serious effects can be caused by emotions.

๐Ÿ˜€What Are Emotions?

How can thoughts work such changes?  Our primitive reactions to anger, fear, hunger and sex- and the pituitary gland are controlled by the pathway between the hypothalamus- a brain segment. Recent searches has shown that his mysterious gland of the size of a sugar cube produces a number of hormones , which activate the other glands. The  front lobe  of this mysterious gland creates a hormone which regulates sex glands, controls thyroid, which in turn controls the body's metabolism. It releases yet another chemical that regulates adrenal reaction. The middle and the back lobes of the pituitary  glands affect the kidneys, uterus contraction and even blood pressure. 

Sometimes illness is caused by sudden and drastic changes in life.  And so even mild illness such as cold is caused by emotional stresses.

Its emotions whether mild or violent  influence our body and so it is must to understand what emotions are?

๐Ÿ˜…Emotions are categorized into two:

Positive and Negative. 

Both of which have a good and bad influence over our body and health.

Love, elation, devotion, confidence, hope, admiration, reverence, and gratitude are positive emotions.

Negative emotions includes Anger, Greed, infatuation, hatred, jealousy, envy, fear, disgust, distress, regret, remorse, despair, shame, etc. are negative emotions. 

Most of us also display moods, which are emotions too but ones that last for a much longer duration. 

Temperament is defined as habitual mood which is the characteristics of an individual. And so everyone has their own mood and temperament.

Although at any given time we may be free from specific emotions.

๐Ÿ˜กEffect of negative emotions 

Emotion affect our body according to their intensity. 

If emotion are violent and sudden, they may even prove fatal. 

When emotion are so not powerful, but prolonged, they may effect the nervous system and some disease may result as a consequence.

Disturbance in the nervous system lead to a degeneration of the ductless glands. If their internal secretion is decreased, premature ageing my follow. 

The important ductless glands in the body of the thyroid. pituitary, adrenals and gonads (sexual glands).
Negative emotions effects the adrenals glands and causes raise in the blood pressure, which may result in disease of the circulatory system. 

Thyroid gland on one hand is a powerful agent which protects the body against poisons and foreign particles but on the other hand is easily affected when the person is depressed.

Generated thyroid means disease and premature old age. 

The pituitary is the central controlling gland upon which all strong emotion react.
The sexual gland are also powerfully influenced by emotion. 

After violent mental shock; menstruation gets suddenly appeared in females.

While in the case of males, negative emotions at times result in impotence.

๐Ÿ˜œPent-Up Feelings

Pent-up feelings are our emotional debt. By definition pent-up emotions are ones we cannot feel. In order to hide this, psychological defenses play a major role.

Largest numbers of people fall into this emotional disturbances  that grow larger with passing years.

Growing old is a psychological state in which the emotional debt increase until the body's coping mechanism can no longer deal adequately with the present state. Thus leading to sickness, infirmity and sometimes death.

๐Ÿ˜„The effect of positive emotions

All emotions are not harmful. there are some emotions that exercise a healthy influence upon our nervous system.

Hope and confidence invariably enable a man to maintain a optimistic frame of mind ,which promotes the health of our nervous system and  healthy body.

Joy and happiness are of great help in building a healthy nervous system.

A belief in any principal that ensures peace of mind helps in creating a healthy mind.

'Belief Creates Biology' is well-known and accepted fact today. Scientist have shown that mental events transforms themselves into molecules.

When discovered they were called neuropeptides since they were initially found in the brain.

However, now we know that these neuropeptides are not confined to the brain but permeate every cell in the body.
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