Effects Of Hiding Emotions

Expressing anything freely is a good sign. But many a times, people ignore or hide emotions which leads to mental physical effects like stress and anxiety to the body.

Hiding emotions like anger, sadness, grief, frustration, irritation is called repressed emotions.
Effects Of Hiding Emotions

Repressed emotions causes many mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression leading to muscle tension and pain, nausea, vomiting and mostly digestive problems.

During the whole journey of life, you might have heard sympathy sentences like "Don't Cry", "Don't be So Weak", etc. Intension of these sentences are good and motivating but outcome is not so good as it leads to hiding emotions.

When you express your emotions and feelings, the energy  is generated which leads to healthy functioning of the body.

When you suppress and hide for a long period of time, it goes badly in unconscious mind and thus gives you pathetic undesirable behaviors which might harm oneself and at times the atmosphere around.
Effects Of Hiding Emotions

emotions are the useful indicator and sometimes warning signals which indicates the progression of one's life at particular time. Emotions are being expressed means brain gives signal of change in environment irrelevant to our physical and mental health.

Of course everyone is not expressive. Some are even good in showing fake emotions too. While some are not able to express real feelings. Emotions are released in the form of arts, dancing, talking, walking, playing instrument, crying, etc.
Effects Of Hiding Emotions

One can hide emotions in only two ways that is remaining silent and smile. Yes!!!  Smile is the most common way of hiding emotions.

Emotions helps us to encourage our positive and negative feelings without saying a word/judgement. By expressing emotions, one feel empowered and strengthened, while on the other hand hiding emotions leads to a state of denial or suppression that is depression. Feelings are not right or wrong, they are just ones own expressions.
Effects Of Hiding Emotions
When someone express emotions or their feelings might create a sense of pressure and helplessness. But doesn't create disturbance in mental and physical health.

So be free in expressing emotions like cry, laugh, bring your frustration out.

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