Amazing Benefits Of Eating Stale/Baasi Roti/Chapatti

Generally eating stale food is considered harmful for health. That is, food which is kept for about 12 or more hrs. is stale and unhealthy causing diarrhoea, gastric discomfort, acidity, food poisoning and many other health issues. Adding to this, when you reheat this stale food, is even more fatal for health in some cases.
Stale Roti

In general, eating stale food is having negative effect on health. Stale food looses all its nutrient content that is required for healthy living body. Though our body is build up to eat fresh and raw food that gives us more energy. Also, it requires more power to digest those stale food, that is, body works to alive some dead content leading to hyperacidity, constipation and stomach upset.

Everyone will often have left over rotis at home, which you either give it to animals or don't wish to consume it again. Yes left over food is often hassle and no one consumes such left over food due to health issues.

But you will be surprised as it is totally opposite in case of stale roti. Eating stale roti is considered good for health. It doesn't have any negative effect on health. Rotis are made up of flour and water, then they are roasted, hence tend to get dehydrated. They do not retain any moisture and have a longer shelf life of up to 15 hrs. In addition to this, Baasi rotis are rich source of good bacteria, essential for stomach health. It also contains more nutrients and is good for healthy body. Baasi roti has low glycemic index. Baasi roti is rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Here are the amazing benefits of eating Baasi Rotis:
Stale Roti

1. Improves/strengthen the digestive system

Eating Baasi roti is helpful in gastrointestinal ailments. Infact very much useful for one suffering from acidity. One can have Baasi chapati with cow milk to cure acidity. Stale roti contains high amount of fiber helpful in digestion and thus cleans and stabilize the digestive tract. Cures gas, constipation and other gastro/stomach related problems. Removes flatulence.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Consuming Baasi roti with raw milk helps to control blood pressure (low or high blood pressure). Having it in morning breakfast controls blood pressure.

3. Helpful in Maintaining Blood Sugar.

Having roti with milk lowers blood sugar levels. Just soak roti in milk for few minutes (5-7mins) before consuming it. Stale roti is the best home remedy for keeping sugar levels in check. You can have it in any day time.

4. Maintains/Regulates Body Temperature

Soaked baasi roti with milk is helpful to regulate body temperature. Add on nutrients in Baasi roti, eases the discomfort while if you have fever. It cools the gut and is full of nutrition.

5. Helpful in maintaining Weight

Baasi roti is rich in proteins and fiber, thus aid in digestion. If you want to gain weight, eat it as it contain high amount of protein. Also it is low in calorie, hence helpful in weight loss. Strengthen the core and muscle mass.
Stale Food


Those Rotis stored for more than 15hrs are not to be consumed as it becomes rubbery and tight. Hence difficult to consume. If you wanted to eat next day, reheat by applying oil or ghee to it.

Have Baasi roti with milk instead of sabzi, as  milk has amazing benefits along with Baasi roti which is rich in nutrients.

Wheat rotis are high in fiber, those who are allergic to gluten can go for Jowar, Bajra, Or Rahi as an alternative.

"So now, never throw away Baasi Roti"

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