Women's Said Unsaid Feeling OF Mind

What do women feel in their  daily life, many feelings like their likes and dislikes, which are expressed/unexpressed verbally. Their infantile death occurs in the heart of a women.
It is generally believed that women are very talkative, but if we take a closer look, women are not talkative but they are simple and have inclusive behavior.
Women's Said Unsaid Feeling OF Mind

As a result of women's inclusion and equal subjective behavior, sometimes she misses to express about herself. Surrounded by family, neighbors, relatives, her world becomes limited to her. While understanding the likes and dislikes of the people around her, suppresses her likes and dislikes of her mind.

She herself known the pain of not being able to teach girls how to express themselves, instead of learning from childhood not to talk to people like this and like that. Infact they are lost and doesn't express themselves freely.
Women's Said Unsaid Feeling OF Mind
Usually women who talk a lot can't speak their feelings to anyone, not even in their personal relationships, because they know that there will be a very few people who will listen to them and even less who will understand what they hear or listened.

She believes in understanding and explaining deeply, for this quality of patience is essential. This quality in a woman is seen from raising children to taking care of the elders of the house. Rarely do men have this kind of patience.

As a result, we laugh at quote ": No one understands women still now"
Women's Said Unsaid Feeling OF Mind
But before trying to understand women, it is necessary to try to listen to them calmly.

When did you try to know what the mother, sister, daughter or daughter-in-law of our house thinks especially for the small and big decision taken at home, it is rarely tried to understand what is the opinion of the first. 

So we have to understand that listening and understanding are two different processes.

Women love to talk about themselves but only where it makes sense. We need to create an environment where women feel free and expressive. Especially in personal relationships when they express their feelings clearly, something will not be a matter of women only. That idea alone makes the women of the house feel that they are our own.
Women's Said Unsaid Feeling OF Mind
There are many folk songs depicting the idea of marriage life of women, making husband's home as her home. Woman have tried to express their feelings through such folk songs and marriage songs, but women have to take help of such folk songs to depict their feelings is itself a pathos.

She cannot speak her mind in their own home. Lets hope that she becomes more expressive like a person and there is increase in the number of people to listen and understand by listening.
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