Positive And Negative Effects Of Comparison


Comparison in simple terms means; Evaluation of two or more things. Comparison puts you down in a state that feels oneself depressed, hopeless and lacks confidence. Comparison makes oneself being calibrated against people we look up to. Comparison in other words means likeness, parallel, resemblance.
Positive And Negative Effects Of Comparison


Comparison in some cases may be useful/helpful as it helps sometime to determine our progress in certain situation.

While in other cases, ruin growth, prevent self-comparison and even make it worst to empathize with other people. People loses self-confidence and go in a state of depression. In fact, comparison leads to waste precious energy and focus on other people rather than oneself. It ruins the moment of joyous and happiness.

If comparison continues, one might feel frustrated, irritated and left alone. Feeling of unaddressed, anxiety, and depression is strongly developed on comparison.

Comparison is of two types: Downward comparison and upward comparison. Upward comparison might feel you stronger and motivating. While downward comparison leads to sadness and worry.

When downward comparison is done, one finds faults in other to make themselves feel better.
Positive And Negative Effects Of Comparison

It is just unhealthy to compare anything especially letting someone down intentionally or unintentionally.

No one knows what is happening in someone’s life as everyone has their own struggles. Being humble is okay, but too much humility is as harmful as too much self-confidence.

Everyone experience self-doubts, and fears when being compared to other. Most of the time people feel unsecured and lack confidence.

Comparison have both positive and negative effect. Positive effect includes progression and motivation. While negative effect leads to unhealthy competition and feeling of inadequacy.

On comparison person might lose their stronger abilities, personal characteristics and performance at their work, finance, relationship and mainly confidence.
Positive And Negative Effects Of Comparison

Never compare someone with anyone. Comparison have a danger effect on mental health and physical health. Always cheer up their dear ones and understand their abilities. Everyone has their own capabilities and talent.

If you are being compared still:

Be Proud of yourself.

Count on your grateful capabilities.

Remember each one is unique in their own way.

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