Amazing Benefits Of Mint Leaves

Easily available mint leaves is having amazing benefits. Mint leaves are an amazing appetizer which helps in stimulating the overall health of the stomach. It stimulates the digestive enzymes and thus improves digestion.
Amazing Benefits Of Mint Leaves

 (1) In stomach ache, take mint and lemon juice mixed with honey and lick it. Indigestion will also be removed.

(2) Drink fresh mint juice in case of gas, diarrhea, vomiting.

(3) Chewing mint leaves removes bad breath and is beneficial in dental diseases.

(4) Drink mint leaves tea to refresh the body.

(5) Taking the juice of its leaves, lemon juice and honey and drinking it cures aphrodisiac. it is also beneficial in pitta.

(6) Apply fresh mint juice on the face. The skin becomes soft.

(7) Applying mint juice on shingles-eczema cures these diseases.

(8) This mint powder is used in Sindh toothpaste, toothpaste, mouth drink freshener vs. Can also be done for. - the elephant

(9) It is rich in Vitamin A.
Amazing Benefits Of Mint Leaves

(10) In Panipuri, used to make delicious food

(11) PC is useful for removing problems like Vata, Kapha. If it is affected in any place, make mint paste and apply it to 52 places.

(13) Mixing ginger juice and sindhalu salt in mint juice and drinking it can cure colic.

(14) If it sneezing, put two drops of mint juice in the nose.

(15) Whenever you have to come home from the sun, grind mint and mix it with water and drink a glass of water. From this The body will get cold.

(16) If there is bleeding from the nose (snoring) in hot season, put two drops of mint juice in the nose.
Amazing Benefits Of Mint Leaves

(17) Two drops of mint juice in earache.

(18) Drink mint juice if there is irritation in urine.

(19) Grind mint leaves and apply on forehead for headache.

(20) Gargle with a little salt in lukewarm water to remove the soreness of the throat.

(21) Drinking its water stops hiccups.

(22) Mix peppermint oil with coconut oil and massage the hair daily. Hair fall will stop

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