Marital Life And Expectations

Everyone has certain expectations from their partner when it comes to marriage. He loves himself a lot, takes care of himself. 

Does that actually happen?

Why so many expectations?

When no human being is perfect in the world, how can any relationship be perfect?

Research shows that the lower the expectations in a relationship, the lower the disappointment and the higher the success of the marriage.

A study conducted at Florida State University in the US said that expectations can damage a relationship. When a person has expectations without understanding the reality, it cannot be fulfilled. This creates frustration and then starts the recriminations. 

Eventually marriage and love disappear and only arguments and debates remain. Of course, in some cases this has a positive effect, but only when both realize their mistake and try to overcome their respective shortcomings.

Everyone's desires, thoughts and situations are also different. The results of the search show that the newlyweds should already have a clear idea of ​​what they want. 

They should be aware of their own weakness and strength; only then can they live together enthusiastically. 

Many times newlyweds start having high expectations in married life and they think that marriage is the answer to all their questions or the partner will fulfill all their needs... 

When it doesn't happen, they think where did they go wrong? 

Instead of jumping to conclusions and blaming your partner, think for a moment that your expectations are not too high, right?

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