Know The Real Meaning Of Happiness!!!!

Happiness is our inner feeling.

Buy A House, buying a car, buying new clothes, buying new things, going for a walk, going to see a picture, going to a hotel etc... What are we doing? We feel joy, happiness. So how can you be happy? Who will be happy?
Know The Real Meaning Of Happiness!!!!

Usually we look for happiness in material comforts. The more property or bank balance we have, the happier we will be, but can it be called happiness to feel self-satisfaction by displaying things that can be bought with money in the family and society?  

Happiness is something within us, a state, a feeling.

Happiness can only be felt; it can never be defined in words. Some are happy only to pass, some are not happy.

Depression drugs even in some multi core palaces. Eats and feels peace of mind even in some open hills.
Know The Real Meaning Of Happiness!!!!

We see many types of people around us. There will be many who, even if there is an obvious big pain, always meet with a smiling face, then there will be many, who will give a big shape to the small and big problems in life and keep crying continuously.

Whenever found, a new list of new complaints will be with it. Never Satisfied with the current situation. Always seems less 

When these two types of people suffer the same pain, they will first look for a way to relieve the pain and if there is no solution, they will accept it and live with a smile.

While other types of people cannot accept the pain, at the same time, even after the pain is gone, they will continue to talk about it and remain sad. Even on good days they cannot be happy.

The mentality of such people has become such that no matter how much someone does for them or gets any good thing, they feel little. 

Being happy depends on our mindset. It depends on the way of behavior against the situation. I will be happy after this is done, I will be happy after that is our vow. If one problem goes away, another problem will arise.
Know The Real Meaning Of Happiness!!!!

As long as there is life, small and big sorrows and hardships are and always will be in everyone's life.

Accept all situations and be happy with them.

Happiness is our inner feeling. No thing or person can give. Things or people can create the situation, but happiness has to be felt by oneself.

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