Amazing Tips To Keep Feet Healthy!!!!!

Healthy feet also suggest your health. 

Strong and flexible legs never cause spinal problems. 

The health of your feet can also predict the health of your heart. Strong and toned legs keep knees and hips out of trouble as they support the weight-bearing parts of the body
Keep Feet Healthy

Stretching the legs with the knees bent on the floor sit down Keep both the toes together and the heels apart. Now sit with your buttocks resting on your heels. Place the palms on the knees. Keep head and back straight. Keep both the ingredients together. Now hold the right ankle with the left hand and bend the right back and place the right hand on the ground behind the back. This will make you feel tight in the joints.
Keep Feet Healthy
Then do the same on the other side in normal position. This time Keep both the feet with the claws as shown in the picture. Now bend forward and place both palms on the ground. Sit on the base of the paws supporting the body with the hands and keep the knees on the ground. 

Place the hands on the thighs from the back. Sit with the buttocks resting on the heels. Keep head and back straight. Cramps in the legs and feet will be experienced during this time. Sit in this position till you take ten breaths Use of good shoes helps to relieve the toe pain If you suffer from foot pain, exercise along with proper shoes is essential.
Keep Feet Healthy

Wear proper footwear and sportswear to avoid foot pain. By doing this, it does not put too much pressure on the legs and you can run without pain.

Keep Feet Healthy

Claw pain can bother you in any number of ways. One has to face many problems like leg pain while walking, varicose veins at night. But if we pay attention even a little, we can get relief from this pain problem. Paying attention to such small things also pays off in the long run 

Wide Legs: Sit on the floor or a chair as per your convenience. Place the left foot on the side of the right foot. Interlace the fingers of the right hand in the toes. Widen the fingers by tucking the wider part between the toes. Hold this for ten to twelve seconds. After that do the same process on the rolling fingers of the other foot.
Keep Feet Healthy
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