Health Benefits Of Walking, Useful Walking Tips, Walking Vs Running

Health Benefits Of Walking, Useful Walking Tips, Walking Vs Running

Every physical exercise is the basic need to stay healthy, of course some sort of planning, preparation and a few precautions are needed. These physical activities includes running, aerobics, gym workouts, exercise. Know Health Benefits Of Walking, Useful Walking Tips, Walking Vs Running

May be all these activities won't be possible for the people of all age group. Also there comes necessity to monitor pulse rate,  monitor hard breathing , need a trainer and sweat a lot.

Health Benefits Of Walking, Useful Walking Tips, Walking Vs Running

Benefits of physical activity depends on:

  • The intensity
  • The duration and
  • The frequency of exercise

So these hard core exercise is not only the option of keeping yourself healthy. Moderate exercise benefits too. Walking is the best moderate exercise.

American Heart Association/American College Of Sports Medicine gave a standard call for maintaining a good health through walking. Walking causes some sort of pain and injuries once you start, as the muscles tend to break down, but it gets heeled by the time.

Advantages of Walking:

  • No need of any special equipment to walk. Can walk anywhere whether you walk in garden , office with either wearing a business suit or a sweat suit.
  • No skills and training required.
  • Walking is simply the modest form of exercise, walk alone with solitude or with friends for companionship either indoor or outside near your house.

Health Benefits Of Walking.

πŸ‘Helps in weight loss

Walking proves to be effective in burning calories and extra fat. It also increases energy expenditure.

πŸ‘Reduce stress

While walking, blood circulates improvise through out the body which causes supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissue and cells. It stimulates the receptors of nervous system and decreases stress hormones.

πŸ‘Regulates Blood Glucose Level

Researchers found that 15 min walk three times a day (after breakfast. lunch and dinner) helps in regulating blood glucose levels.

πŸ‘Improves Heart Health.

Walking at least 30 mins a day, five days a weak, reduces the risk of Coronary Artery Disease. This helps in improving heart health.

πŸ‘Regulates Blood Pressure

10 mins of brisk Walking 3 to 4 times a day helps to improve circulation and regulates the blood pressure as medication does.

πŸ‘Strengthen Bones an d reduces Joint Pain

Walking increases blood flow to the highly tensed areas of bones and cartilages, strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints and reduces pan in arthritis condition.

πŸ‘Increases Lung Capacity

When you walk, you breath more oxygen as compared  when you are static.

Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide at a larger volume while walking increases lung capacity, stamina and exercise performance.

πŸ‘Boosts Immune Functions

Walking decreases the risk of getting infection and reduces risk of disease.

In COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients, walking helped to reduce the morbidity and mortality.

πŸ‘Improves Gastro-Intestinal Function

Walking improves bowel movement. 

It encourages movement in digestive system by utilizing core and abdominal muscles.

πŸ‘Improves Sleep Disturbances.

Walking regularly boosts the effects of melatonin, the sleep hormone. 

It reduces pain and stress that causes sleep disturbances.

You sleep well after walking.

πŸ‘Boosts Energy

Walking is more effective than having a cup of coffee when you feel tired.

It increases oxygen flow through out the body, increases the level of cortisol, epinephrine and nor epinephrine hormones that elevates energy level.

πŸ‘Delays the onset of Vericose Vein

As you age. risk of vericose vein increases, Walking helps to prevent this. 

Venous system includes circulatory system known as second heart. This helps to push blood back to the heart and lungs. Walking strengthen the secondary circulatory system, legs muscles and healthy blood flow.

People already suffering from vericose vein are advised for regular walking as it delays the onset of vericose vein , helps to reduce swelling and restlessness in legs.

πŸ‘Improves Memory

Walking increases the size of hippocampus that increases memory. Helpful in older people.

πŸ‘Makes You Creative

Initiate a walking with colleges when you are stuck in a problem at office as when you walk and find solution it gives you tricky and creative solution to any problem. It open up the flow of ideas.

πŸ‘Improves Mood

Having a dark chocolate can blunt the edge of a rough day but going for a walk is a zero calories strategy. Regular walking improves anger and hostility, It prevents seasonal depression.

πŸ‘Improves Mortality

Study shows that men with 1-2 hours of daily walking decreases mortality rate with cardiovascular diseases.

Health Benefits Of Walking, Useful Walking Tips, Walking Vs Running

Useful tips While Walking:

  • When any beginners start walking, always start with 10 mins a day for first week, not go for long distance.
  • Gradually increase time by 30 mins a day and then 30 mins in morning and 30 mins in the evening.
  • Don't forget to relax and stretch your legs and calf muscles after walking to cool down activated muscles.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after walking to remain hydrated.
  • Use pedometer to measure your pulse rate, calories burned, step count, etc.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and perfectly fit shoes. Shoes you wear should be supportive, flexible, light breathable, moisture resistant insole, and shock absorbent sole
  • To make yourself motivated walk either with friend or listen to music while walking.

Walking Vs Running
  • In order to match the effectiveness of running, walking should be preferred for longer distance and more often.
  • While walking at any speed, walker have one foot on the ground at all the time. Runners are entirely airborne during same part of every stride.
  • Walker have much lower(1-5%) risk of exercise related injury than runners(20-70%) due to force of gravity.
  • Runners absorb more than 100 tons of impact force. Running experience high impact activity than walkers.
  • Runners experience 3 time more stress to the body than walkers with respect to their body.

"Make Walking A Part Of Your Routine Daily Life A s Eating And Sleeping"
"Warm Up Yourself Before Walking And Cool Down After Walking"
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